What is ethnomethodology? Ethnomethodology is an autonomous social science. The founder, Harold Garfinkel, worked with Talcott Parsons but left sociology to create a completely new field of empirical research. Ethnomethodology is based on the fine description of interactions. It contains specific studies of conversation, called Conversation Analysis (by Harvey Sacks), focusing among other topics on turn-taking sequences. As ethnomethodologists claim, it is important to understand that Ethnomethodology is not a methodology but a social science. Its name comes from the concept of ethnomethods, standing for methods that actors use to accomplish their everyday tasks (and which ethnomethodologists study).
Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
EM/CA Information, news and articles collected by Paul Ten Have.
Berard, Tim
Personal page with cv, links and bibliography.
Chair in Present-day English Linguistics
Courses by Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen on Conversation Analysis, program, readings and references.
Conversation Analysis Tutorial
An introduction to transcription and analysis in the CA tradition. Video and audio clips are used to take the student through theoretical and practical issues in basic CA work.
Crabtree, Andy
Research, publications (PDF), and recent ethnographic fieldwork.
Department of Sociology of Chicago
Bibliographies and classical articles in sociology, anthropology and ethnomethodology.
Department of Sociology of Lancaster University
Science Studies, Ethnography of Computer-Supporter Cooperative Work (CSCW), Transcripts of Talk and Ethnomethodological Papers by Michel Callon, John A Hughes, Bruno Latour, John Law, Wes Sharrock, Lucy Suchman.
Human Studies
Quarterly journal. Presentation, free sample and guidelines to authors.
Human-Centered Computing
Resources from the course on Conversation Analysis by Richard Alterman.
Kelly, Russell
Work in progress, papers, definition and CV.
Labeling Theory and Ethnomethodology
Robert Keel compares Symbolic Interactionism and Ethnomethodological account to Deviance and Social Control.
Mambila Divination
Article by David Zeitlyn in Man Revue.
Mixed Reality Laboratory
Studies in the field of computer uses, from work to leisure(University of Nottingham).
Schegloff, Emanuel
Sound-assisted practical guide to transcription for conversation analysis by one of his founder.
Sociology in University of California at Los Ansgeles (UCLA)
Department of Harold Garfinkel, John Heritage, Emanuel Schegloff and Melvin Pollner.
Varenne, Hervé
Presents his teaching and research work in anthropology with a special focus on culture theory, school, family in an ethnomethodological fashion.
Virtual Society
Research Program directed by Steve Woolgar. Projects, resources and events.
Work Practice & Technology - The next 20 years of research (WPT Fest)
Program of the symposium, photos and discussion by Lucy Suchman.

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