Psychometrics is the branch of psychology (or statistics) which is concerned with the mathematical and statistical theory of test construction and test use. Literally "measurement of the soul", psychometrics is concerned with mental measurement, often (but not invariably) through the use of questionnaires and tests. Questionnaires involve onself or another person reporting behaviour (e.g., 'I feel nervous alone in the dark' as part of a test of anxiety) whilst tests require the behaviour to be demonstrated (e.g., the meaning of 'prescient' is (a) anticipating the future, (b) hairy, (c) bog-like).

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Paul Barrett
Free software for (advanced) psychometric analyses. Also a number of presentations on psychometrics.
Ability Tests and Psychometric Assessments
Provides information, resources, and sample ability tests and personality questionnaires. Includes tips on taking tests and how to prepare for them.
The Correlation Coefficient
Online textbook by political scientist RJ Rummel.
Institute for Objective Measurement
Rasch Scaling information from MESA at the University of Chicago. Includes full text articles.
Institute of Psychometric Coaching
Offers online practice psychometric tests and courses developed by experienced psychologists.
Italian Institute of Wartegg
Offers clinical assessment courses, counseling, training and the Wartegg testing methodology.
Item Response Theory
This website by Lawrence Rudner introduces Item Response Theory, and includes a complete on-line book.
L-BFGS-B Nonlinear Optimization Code
Bounded optimisation code (FORTRAN) for numerical analysis, from Northwestern University.
Latent Structure Analysis
John Uebersax's resource for researchers interested in latent class analysis and latent class models.
Latent Variable Interactions and Quadratics
Resources focused on latent variable interactions and quadratics. Includes a bibliography, FAQ, Excel templates, full text articles, and full text monograph.
Maydeu-Olivares, Albert
Albert Maydeu-Olivares' homepage at the University of Barcelona: includes some unpublished working papers.
Multivariate Data Analysis
Outline for Michael Friendly's course on multivariate data analysis and linear statistical models in behavioural science research. Includes bibliographies, computing guides, notes, and SAS examples covering topics such as regression, ANOVA, and factor analysis.
Matrix algebra interpreter and numerical optimizer for structural equation modeling and other types of statistical modeling of data. Includes documentation and example code.
PMetric Psychometric Software System
Shareware for designing, applying, developing, and evaluating psychometric scales. The software features a scale editor, reliability analysis, central results database and other features.
Principal Components and Factor Analysis
Chapter from StatSoft's Electronic Statistics Textbook.
Psych Press
Developer of online and psychology-based psychometric test materials designed to screen and match individuals to particular roles, industries and companies.
The Psychometrics Forum
Independent group of UK psychometric practitioners. Includes information on the benefits of membership, how to join, news, events and FAQ.
Psychometrics Research Unit
Research results, questionnaires and publications of the Psychometrics Research Unit (University of Valencia, Spain). Content a mixture of English, Spanish, Valencian and Portuguese.
Print journal of the Psychometric Society. Subscription and submission information and author instructions.
Reliability and Validity
Clear introduction to the nature and assessment of test reliability and validity.
The Reliability of Measuring Instruments
Offers Tom Knapp's book on reliability of measurement.
Scientific Software International
Statistical software for the social sciences. Includes LISREL for structural equation modeling, HLM for hierarchical data analysis, and BILOG, BILOG-MG, MULTILOG, PARSCALE, and TESTFACT for IRT-based test analysis.
Understanding Factor Analysis
Online textbook providing overview of factor analysis, by political scientist RJ Rummel.
Winsteps and Facets Rasch Analysis Software
Software to construct linear measures from ordered qualitative observations. Includes details of training workshops; free student version and manual available for download.
Young, Forrest W.
Emiritus Professor of Quantitative Psychology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Includes links to the VISta data visualization software, and plenty of resources for ALSCAL multidimensional scaling, including FORTRAN source code.
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