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Arkin, Robert
Attribution theory, self-presentation, self-handicapping, overachievement (Ohio State U., USA)
Bizer, George Y.
Attitudes, attitude strength, persuasion, political psychology. (Union College, NY, USA)
Brewer, Marilynn
Social cognition, intergroup relations, social identities and the self concept (Ohio State U., USA)
Edwards, John
Social cognition and individual differences: motivational and personality factors influencing social judgment (Oregon State U., USA)
Gardner, Wendi L.
Physiological and social psychological investigation of evaluative and emotional processes (Northwestern U., USA)
Gonzalez, Richard
Judgement and decision making, mathematical modeling of group processes (U. of Michigan, USA)
Greenwald, Anthony G.
Implicit social cognition, unconscious cognition, the self, research methodology attitudes and social cognition (U. of Washington, USA)
Higgins, N. C.
Optimism, coping, attribution theory, risk perception, aggression, helping behaviour (St. Thomas U., Canada)
Kirby, Leslie D.
Task engagement, psychophysiology of emotions, motivation and emotion, appraisal theories of emotion (Vanderbilt U., USA)
Klauer, Karl Christoph
Social cognition, cognitive psychology, research methods (Bonn U., Germany)
Krauss, Robert
Conversational hand gestures, communication and cognition, language and emotions, social representations in language and cognition (Columbia U., USA)
Lips, Hilary M.
Gender and women's issues. (Radford U., USA)
McAndrew, Frank
social psychology, evolutionary psychology, and environmental psychology (Knox College, USA)
McConnell, Allen R.
Forming impressions of social entities, self-concept representation, counterfactual thinking (Miami U., Ohio, USA)
Petty, Richard
Situational and individual difference factors responsible for changes in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors (Ohio State U., USA)
Plous, Scott
Prejudice and discrimination, decision making, the human use of animals and the environment (Wesleyan U., USA)
Read, Stephen
Neural network models of reasoning and behavior, use of interactive media for studying and changing risky social behavior (U. of Southern California, USA)
Shaw, Jerry I.
Information search and impression formation, psychology and law, jury training, attribution of causality, homophobia, centrality preferences in choice behavior (California State U., USA)
Sherman, Richard C.
social cognition, processes underlying online self-presentation (Miami U., Ohio, USA)
Shoda, Yuichi
Social psychology and personality, coherence and perception of personality, social cognition, computational modeling of personality processes, health and coping behavior (U. of Washington, USA)
Uleman, Jim
The role of intentions and culture in cognitive processes (New York U., USA)
Williams, Lawrence E. (U. of Colorado)
Research interests include nonconscious goals in everyday life, emotion regulation, enjoyment of aversive forms of entertainment, automatic self-control (U. of Colorado).
Winkielman, Piotr
Affect and cognition, categorization and awareness in social judgment, conversational processes in social judgment (U. of California San Diego, USA)
Zarate, Michael A.
Cognitive processes underlying social categorization, prejudice, and stereotyping (U. of Texas at El Paso, USA)
Zimbardo, Philip
Prisons, time, shyness, madness, violence and evil, persuasion, dissonance, hypnosis, teaching (Stanford U., USA)
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