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Current Research in Social Psychology
Peer reviewed free-access electronic journal.
European Journal of Social Psychology
Print and electronic journal. Free access abstracts and contents listings, author instructions, and subscription information.
European Review of Social Psychology
European Association of Experimental Social Psychology supported journal available in print and online format. Focuses on Europe based research and idea development.
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice
Quarterly Print journal with online access. Reports deal with basic and applied topics in the field of group research and application.
Group Processes and Intergroup Relations
Quarterly print and electronic journal dedicated to research into group processes and intergroup relations. Has an archive with search facility and free abstract access.
International Bulletin of Political Psychology
Weekly free-access electronic journal with search facility and discussion forum. Published since 1996.
Journal of Applied Social Psychology
Print journal focusing on applications of experimental behavioral science research to issues in society. Contents listings, subscription information, and author instructions.
Journal of Economic Psychology
Print and electronic journal focusing on socio-psychological research into economic behavior. Free access searchable abstracts and contents listings; full text on subscription.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
Print and electronic journal. Contents pages, abstracts, search facility, and submission and subscription information.
Journal of Language and Social Psychology
Print and online quarterly journal. Covers language related social psychology subjects.
Journal of Nonverbal Behavior
Print and electronic journal. Searchable contents listings, abstracts, subscription information and author instructions.
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Peer reviewed print journal focusing on attitudes and social cognition, interpersonal relations and group processes, and personality processes and individual differences. Contents listings, full text of selected articles, subscription information and submission guidelines.
Papers on Social Representations
Free access multilingual peer-reviewed electronic journal. Instructions for authors, and articles for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.
Monthly print and electronic journal covering topics including communication strategies, gender and age stereotypes, interpersonal relationships, group interrelations, prejudice and self-consciousness. Comprehensive archive with search facility and free abstract access.
Self and Identity
Print journal focusing on study of social and psychological processes that involve self-awareness, self-representation, and self-regulation. Subscription information and author instructions.
Social Influence
A new journal for 2006 covering social psychology in areas like interpersonal influence, minority influence, persuasion and influence in groups.
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