Synaesthesia is a neurological condition in which a person simultaneously perceives sensory stimuli in a second, or even third sense. Synaesthetes may see music, or taste colors. This category is for any and all information pertaining to synaesthesia.

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American Synesthesia Association
Arranges meetings and provides means for the people who experience and/or study synesthesia to be in contact with each other.
Dr. Hugo Heyrman: Museums of the Mind
Exploring the art and mind connection: sources on Synaesthesia and the Arts, research on the future of the senses. Homepage of the Belgian Synaesthesia Association.
Letter-Color Synaesthesia
Cassidy Curtis describes how his colored letters and words look to him.
Retroglobe - Synaesthesia
Christian Liljeberg's description of his colored numbers, letters and time units.
Spectrum Family Medicine
Elizabeth A. Pector describes her synesthesia.
A compilation of information from the internet and traditional sources. Includes explanations of the different types of perception.
A few articles about synesthesia. A part of's "Synthetic Synesthesia" section.
Synesthesia: Richard Cytowic, MD
Pioneering neurologist and author Richard Cytowic, MD explains brain basis of colored hearing and other "joined senses."
The Synesthetic Experience
Factual information, individual anecdotes, and interactive activities which simulate synesthesia.
Psychic Powers May be a Quirk of the Brain
Article in Medical Study News about research showing that psychic powers that enable people to see auras might be synaesthesia. (October 18, 2004)
Truly Feeling Blue
Article in The Scotsman about an author who has based a book upon her daughter's synaesthesia. (October 29, 2002)
Kaleidescope Eyes: The Secrets Of A Novel Gift
Article in ScienceDaily Magazine about research on synaesthesia at the University of Melbourne, Australia. (April 16, 2002)
Catalyst - Synaesthesia
Transcript from the Australian science program Catalyst about synaesthesia. (April 11, 2002)
Gamers Set for Sensory Overload
An article from the BBC about a video game, inspired by the artist Kandinsky, aiming to stimulate the senses. (March 01, 2002)
CBS News - 60 Minutes: A Sixth Sense
An article about the TV show. Synaesthetes tell us about their experiences. There is also a video clip where synaesthete Carol Crane describes what music feels like. (January 14, 2002)
A Reason we Call our Cheddar 'Sharp' and Shirts 'Loud'
Article from the New York Times. (April 10, 2001)
Everyday Fantasia: The World of Synesthesia
Article by Siri Carpenter in Monitor of Psychology. Researchers are coming closer to understanding what drives synesthesia. (March 01, 2001)
For Some, Pain is Orange
Article in Smithsonian Magazine. (February 01, 2001)
Do You See What They See?
An article in Discover Magazine by Brad Lemley about synesthesia. (December 01, 1999)
The Strange World of Synesthesia
An article by CNN about synesthesia. (November 25, 1995)

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