A largely American movement to integrate the theory and praxis of psychology with Christian theology and praxis. Integration is concerned both with taking a theological perspective on psychological topics, such as personality, family relationships, emotionality, human development, pathology or assessment; and with taking a psychological perspective of a religious nature, such as spiritual numbness, church conflicts, missionary selection, or interpersonal tensions. Different researchers in the field disagree as to what degree such an integration is appropriate, and if so, which discipline should take precedence, if either.

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The Bible and Psychology
Essay by John Stoll considering what psychological insights the Bible can offer into the emotional needs of humans and their fulfilment in relation to Christian maturity. Includes a specific analysis of Philippians.
Christian Psychology - Narramore Christian Foundation
Christian psychology and mental health organization, offering counseling training programs and missionary renewal seminars. Includes large collection of popular articles by Bruce and Clyde Narramore.
Christian Psychology: Is Something Missing?
Essay by Rich Milne taking an overview of Larry Crabb's book "Connecting". Crabb, a leading proponent of the Christian psychology movement, here questions whether the church has become over-reliant on the use of trained counselors.
Faith and Therapy
Article by William Kilpatrick denouncing the blending of Christian faith and practice with the therapeutic practices of self-help and building self-esteem. Originally published in First Things 90:21-26 (February 1999).
Introduction to Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries
PAM is a ministry to inform and educate Christians about psychoheresy. Psychoheresy is the integration of secular psychological counseling theories and therapies with the Bible
Pop Psychology Myths
Kerby Anderson's disposal of five self-help myths in the light of Biblical teaching.
Psychology Debunked: Revealing the Overcoming Life
Anti-integration book by former psychotherapist Lisa Bazler and Ryan Bazler. Table of contents, ordering information, short author biographies, and reader reviews.
Resources on Psychology and Religion
Offers David Myers' articles and books relating psychological science and religion.
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