Submit only personal sites of psychotherapist and / or psychoanalyst, etc., edited in English.
Barbara Black Koltuv, Ph.D.
Information about her psychotherapy and Jungian analysis practice, as well as books and articles.
Cheryl Fuller, Ph.D.
Thoughts about psychotherapy and mental health from a Jungian point of view by a Jungian psychotherapist.
Constance D. Burton, Psy. D., J. D.
Psychotherapy practice and services offered.
Dana Cole
Offers imago relationship therapy. Information about the method and bibliography.
David Blass
Includes interesting quotations from C.G. Jung, a short essay on Jungian Psychotherapy and contact details.
David Grove
Information on the findings and philosophy of the originator of Clean Language, in the fields of psychotherapy, self-development, coaching and training.
Dennis Merritt
Offers dream work, I Ching consultation, courses, lectures and workshops.
Douglas Tompkins
Sharing his thoughts and experience on Carl Jung's approach to psychoanalysis.
Dr Sarah Hamlyn-Wright
Chartered counseling psychologist qualified in psychotherapy for emotional and behavioral difficulties.
Dr Steven Isaacman
Personal page for psychotherapy practice for individuals and couples in Los Angeles. Includes treatment philosophy, biography, office contact information and links for more information about psychoanalysis.
Dr. Annie Reiner, Ph.D., Psy.D., L.C.S.W.
Presents the book: The Quest For Conscience and The Birth of the Mind.
Dr. Carol Kochoff
Treats depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems.
Dr. Eric Berne Page
This is the official website of Dr. Eric Berne, the originator of transactional analysis and author of the bestseller Games People Play.
Dr. Marshall Cherkas
Views on how to fulfill the self and thus be able to live in harmony with others.
Frances Newman
Psychoanalyst and psychologist in downtown Toronto.
Frith Luton Jungian Analyst
Offers individual analysis, psychotherapy, and study groups. Website includes articles and quotes about Jungian analysis and definitions of concepts.
German Arce Ross
Ph.D. in psychology, Ph.D. in psychoanalysis, research at the Psychopathology Laboratory of Paris X University
Glen Gabbard, M.D.
Psychotherapist and author based in Bellaire, Texas.
Harry Dowling: Counselling & Psychotherapy
Adlerian psychotherapist and counsellor in Great Bookham, Surrey.
Heidi F. Yoder, MFT
Offers individual, couples, family, and group therapy in office and online. Discussions of issues as anxiety, guilt, & transition are included.
Henry W. Beck, Ph. D.
Offers planned short term therapy and long term psychoanalytic psychotherapy, as well as couples therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and spiritual direction.
John Betts
Graduate Jungian analyst, trained in Zurich. He specialises in Jungian interpretation of dreams, fairy tales as well as working with clients dealing with mid-life issues and affective disorders.
Joseph Burgo, Ph.D.
A free online resource for continuing the journey of self-exploration after the end of psychodynamic psychotherapy.
Judith Hamilton, M.D.
Psychoanalyst, teacher, and supervisor located in Toronto, Ontario.
Julian Zanelli
Psychodynamic and somatic approaches to mental and physical wellbeing. Psychotherapist specialised in dissociation and dissociative disorders, meditation and bodywork, psychosis and borderline personality disorders.
Lana M. Ackaway
I help others manage and resolve difficulties of the heart -- love, loss and work during significant life changes; for example, career change, death/illness in family, divorce, early "recovery," relapse with addiction(s), criminal arrests, loss of work, etc.
Lawrence D. Blum M.D.
A collection of articles by Lawrence D. Blum M.D.
Linda E. Chapman
Offers open-ended individual psychotherapy and art therapy.
Maria Taveras
Works in Jungian analysis and shows her artwork exploring Jungian ideas.
Marie-Louise von Franz
Contains information on the works of Marie-Louise von Franz, including books, essays, documentary films and interviews.
Mark Saban
Includes information on Jung, Jungian psychotherapy and dream work, plus links to useful Jungian sites.
Martha Blake
Short references to Jungian analysis, dream interpretation and individuation.
Maureen B. Roberts
Papers on the holistic vision of C.G. Jung.
Michael J. Kobel, Ph.D.
Offers therapy for individuals, couples, families and groups.
Michael Vannoy Adams
Describes Jungian analysis, the psychotherapy that C.G. Jung developed, and explains how to enter it.
Nicci Rossel - Psychotherapy and Consulting Service
Offer psychotherapy and consulting service based in Geelong and Melbourne, Australia.
Otto Rank: Beyond Freudian Psychology
Biographic material on the Viennese-American psychologist, philosopher, and therapist.
Prof. Marilyn Nissim-Sabat, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
Provides a list of publications in the fields of psychoanalysis and philosophy.
Richard Gartner, Ph. D.
Psychologist and psychoanalyst specialized in male sexual abuse. He is the author of several books and articles including Beyond Betrayal and Betrayed as Boys.
Rose F. Holt
Discussions on basic Jungian themes such as archetypes and myths, dreams and dream interpretation, persona, shadow, complex, typology, anima/animus, Self, and individuation.
Sandra Elsdon Vigon
Jungian Psychotherapist currently practicing in Central London.
Sharone Abramowitz M.D.
Board-certified S.F. & East Bay psychiatrist & psychotherapist, who works with mood, addiction, relationship and other problems, using an integrated approach.
Synergetic Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy, marriage counseling, family therapy and anger management programs in the heart of New York City
Tina Stromsted
Offers Jungian analysis and body-oriented psychotherapy and consultation.
Why We Suffer
Explains, in layman's terms, the dynamics and insights of depth psychology.

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