Professional organizations focusing on the study or practice of psychoanalysis or psychodynamic therapies.

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Academy for the Study of the Psychoanalytic Arts
Interdisciplinary organization advancing psychoanalysis as outside healthcare and within philosophy, arts, humanities and anthropic sciences. Promoting preservation of confidential relationship within autonomous practice. Advancing projects through educational, ethical, scholarly programs and papers to academic, lay, professional and internet communities.
American Psychoanalytic Association
Offers programs, training, find and analyst search device and explains what psychoanalysis is.
Australian Psychoanalytical Society
Administers training guidelines for psychoanalysis in Australia through its branches, co-ordinates conferences, academia and publications.
British Psychoanalytical Society
Information on the society, events, reviews, articles, contact details, and links.
Centre for Psychoanalysis and Philosophical Anthropology
This center is a joint venture of the universities of Leuven and Nijmegen, information on its activities and publications.
Dallas Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
Local Chapter of Division 39 of the APA. Includes programs, online papers, book reviews, and workshop information.
Foundation for Psychotherapy and Counselling
A nationwide referral service for psychodynamic counselling, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, group psychotherapy and family and couple therapy.
Institute for Psychological Study of the Arts
Literature and psychology program at the University of Florida. Includes conference proceedings, full-text journal articles, and listserv.
International Association For Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
Features regular publications of the association and conference information. Includes edited lectures of Heinz Kohut.
International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies
24 psychoanalytic societies in 14 countries committed to pluralist interdisciplinary exchange in matters of micro and macrosocial interest
Israeli Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Serves psychoanalytic psychotherapists and others interested in psychoanalytic thinking. The site contains information in Hebrew and English concerning the association, activities overlook (lectures, conferences, etc.), downloadable articles, relevant links, a mailing list and direct contact option.
The John Bowlby Centre
The Centre offers a four-year relational and attachment-based psychotherapy training, CPD opportunities for psychotherapists and a clinic and referral service for people seeking psychotherapy.
Modern Psychoanalysis
Mental health, psychoanalysis and modern analysis graduate school.
The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
Information on courses, faculty, and events of The New York Institute of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.
New York Psychoanalytic Institute
Offers training, education, treatment, meeting, resources, links to other sites.
New Zealand Centre for Psycho-Sociological Development
The application of depth psychology to the sociology of New Zealand.
Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology
Northern California affiliate of Division 39 (psychoanalysis) of the APA. Membership organization open to mental health professionals and associates sponsoring study in psychoanalytic psychology.
The Philadelphia Association
A charity concerned with the understanding and relief of mental suffering, providing psychotherapy, training, also therapeutic households. Their work is informed by a critical engagement with philosophical and psychoanalytical ideas. London, UK.
Psychoanalytic Research Society
The purpose of the Society is to promote psychoanalytic research of an empirical, theoretical and clinical nature. The Society is involved in a variety of research activities including the planning and conducting of psychoanalytic research, as well as the dissemination of research findings.
Psychotherapy Dublin
Provides counselling and psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Available with both adults and youths, individuals and couples.
Romanian Association for Psychoanalysis Promotion - AROPA
Provides information about society's publications, web presence, including forum and links.
The site for contemporary psychoanalysis
Information about the SITE, training, events, articles, lists of members and committees.
Southwest Psychoanalytic Society
Provides a forum for exchange of clinical experiences and discussion of theoretical and clinical problems and subjects of interest to psychoanalysts.
Western Canada Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association
Established 1996 in Vancouver BC by a group of psychoanalytically oriented clinicians to make psychoanalytic psychotherapy knowledge available to professionals and the community at large.
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