In its broadest sense personality can be said to be the sum total of all the behavioral and mental characteristics by means of which an individual is recognized as being unique. Although these tests aim to identify an individual's unique characteristics they are specifically intended for recreation purposes.

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BBC - Surveys and Psychology Tests
A collection of short personality tests.
Bupa World
Personality test based on the symbolism of shapes and colors.
Do-Re-Mi's of Personality
Test which shows how some aspects of personality can be explained through music preferences.
Fun Quiz Cards
Quizzes about love, dating and personality. The results can be added to blogs and online profiles.
How to detect lies
Offers eye movement tips in order to test whether someone is lying.
The James Gang: The Room
Personality test based on room decoration.
Limbic Program Quizzes
Provide a rough indication of standing on three limbic scales.
Personality Lab
Various tests that provide feedback on understanding children and oneself.
Personality Quiz
Provide analysis and advice by interpreting the user's answers to questions and events.
Queendom - Just for Fun Tests
Fun personality tests exploring issues of morality, personal habits and everyday situations.
Resilience Assessment
Analyzes how well people can bounce back from life's setbacks.
Robin Hood Morality Test
Opinions about characters in a fictitious story are evaluated in order to express attitudes towards morality and honesty.
Survey of Life Regrets
Analyzes the regrets that people have in life and displays a comparison of results.
Survivor Personality Quiz
Determines whether the reader possesses important survivor qualities.
Create and take personality quizzes for fun and blogging.
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