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20/20 Executive Coaching
Personal executive coaching for individuals and organizations.
Australian Institute for Enneagram Studies
Promotes the development of quality teaching programs involving the Enneagram, and to the development of a grass-roots, oral tradition within Australia.
The Changeworks
The Enneagram, NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis Books, Tapes and Workshops by Thomas Condon
Deep Living Institute
Offers Enneagram-based coaching for individuals and businesspersons. Founded by Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy.
Enneagram Institute of Central Ohio
Provides workshops, training, coaching, and consultation services based on the Enneagram to enhance personal and professional effectiveness through improved self-awareness and interpersonal skills, and to promote integration of consciousness.
The Enneagram Institute of Colorado
An affiliate of the Riso/Hudson Enneagram Institute that provides classes, workshops, consulting and special projects.
Enneagram Institute of Johannesburg
Offers Enneagram workshops and monthly meetings about the Enneagram in South Africa.
Enneagram Institute of Tampa Bay
Jane Hollister offers Enneagram-based training and counseling in the Tampa Bay, FL area.
The Enneagram Institute of the San Francisco Bay Area
Offers Enneagram retreats and workshops. Specialist in the Enneagram and Mid-Life Transition.
Offers experiential workshops and somatic focusing in educational, therapy and business settings; performance programs (movement illustrations set to music representing the range of Enneagram personality styles) available.
Insight for Change
Provides Enneagram-based training and counseling in Colorado and Wyoming.
Katherine Fauvre Enneagram Consulting
Katherine Fauvre's consulting business site. Katherine was the creator of the Enneagram Tritype system.
Out of the Box Coaching
Personal coach, success coach and executive coaching consultant, Mary R. Bast, Ph.D. works with Enneagram to evaluate personality types. Telephone coaching.
The Personagram Institute
Provides corporate sales and management training using the Enneagram personality system.
Vision Point Associates
Offers ongoing consultation to help clinicians draw on the power of the Enneagram in their work with individuals, couples and families. Based in Seattle, WA.
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