Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy
Provides listings of faculty, therapist referral services, articles on Gestalt therapy, an email interface, and several options in training programs.
Gestalt Center NYC
Mentions a three-year training program and lists workshops offered in the calendar year. Provides contact information.
Gestalt Institute of Cleveland On-Line
Offers a history of this institute, faculty biographies showing the extent of Gestalt influence in actual work, descriptions and schedules for the institute's range of training workshops and conferences, including their international programs in Israel and in the field of Organization and Systems Development, ways to bring their workshops to one's locale, and an on-line Gestalt therapy bookstore.
Gestalt Institute of New Orleans
founded by Anne Teachworth in 1975
Gestalt Institute of the Rockies
Provides a history of Gestalt therapy, faculty descriptions, training program outlines, and contact information.
Gestalt International Study Center
Offers mission statement and workshop descriptions for this international learning center, which is the parent organization for the Center of the Study of Intimate Systems and the Center for the Study of Strategic Systems.
Gestalt Therapy Institute of Cologne, Germany
English-language version of an extensive site in German; groups, workshops, professional training, magazine and books about Gestalt therapy.
Indianapolis Gestalt Institute
IGI offers training in Gestalt therapy. Includes information on the Institute, the courses and workshops, certification, news and resources.
Istituto di Gestalt
English side to the Italian psychotherapy and training Institute directed by M. Spagnuolo Lobb and G. Salonia. Includes a description of Gestalt therapy, training programs, publications in English and Italian, and links to Gestalt therapy sites in the world.
Metanoia Institute
A community learning and teaching institute, this site offers information about training opportunities and workshops, which include graduate degree programs in integrative, transactional analysis, person-centered, and Gestalt therapy, rental of facilities, counseling opportunities and referral services, a student placement service, and access to on-line databases.
New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy
This teaching and learning community is where Gestalt Therapy started in the United States; its site offers a glimpse of its activities and membership, with a message board, description of its philosophy, schedule of local workshops, and abstracts of papers from people associated with its activities.
The Pacific Gestalt Institute
Describes Gestalt therapy training program in contemporary relational approach, training faculty, and offers full-text articles relevant to this approach.
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