Providers of polygraph testing services.

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Abacus Forensic Polygraph, LLC
Provides a range of lie detection services including for attorneys, private testing, law enforcement and clinical testing. Serving Arizona.
Accredited Polygraph Services
Polygraph and lie detector testing for relationship, theft, employee screening and family issues.
Australian Polygraph Services
Polygraph examiners serving Australia and the Asia Pacific region.
Carole London Williams: Polygraph Services
Professionally trained polygraph examiner offering lie detector tests in Scotland and the UK.
Centre for Forensic Neuroscience
Provides details of the services offered in Manchester and Edinburgh including professional expert witness and assessments service for evidential use in criminal, civil and disciplinary proceedings.
Cops, Inc.
Hagerstown, Maryland, polygraph and investigation agency.
Distress Services UK
Polygraph examiner in Leatherhead, Surrey, UK.
Drake Group
Offers private investigations in the Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale areas of Arizona. Provides details of services which include crime scene, criminal, and civil investigations and polygraphy.
Forensic Vetting Ltd
Provides polygraph, lie detector, voice analysis, drugs testing and associated services to corporate clients, government and individuals. Dudley, United Kingdom.
Global Polygraph Network
Network of polygraph examiners available worldwide.
Golden Gate Polygraph Services
Provides a range of polygraph examination services in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Guy Heseltine: Polygraph Testing
Provides lie detector tests to individuals, businesses and organisations throughout the UK.
Imbordino Polygraph Examinations, LLC
Certified polygraph testing service based in Georgia, but examinations can be administered anywhere. Expert polygraph witness and former federal polygraph supervisor.
IQM Inc.
Fort Worth polygraph examiners serving clients in North Texas.
John M. Hurlock, LLC
Private polygraph examiner near Kansas City, Missouri.
Leonard Bierman & Associates
Examiner with offices in Plantation and Miami Lakes, Florida.
Michael D. Park & Associates Polygraph
Dallas, Texas examiners performing assessments for domestic infidelity, employee theft, and attorney/client examinations.
Neal Investigations and Polygraph
Polygraph examiner and licensed private investigator based in California.
A Pineda Private Investigation & Polygraph Service
Conducts polygraph testing and investigations in California and throughout the USA. A certified service provider offering services in Spanish and English.
Polygraph Examiners of America
Free nationwide polygraph/lie detector testing referrals. Provides information on polygraphs, the processes involved and choosing an examiner.
Polygraph Examiners of California
Polygraph services for pre-employment, criminal and civil litigation and fidelity. Also offers investigative services.
Polygraph Investigative Services
Singapore polygraph company providing polygraph testing services and training.
Truth Be Told Polygraph
Brea, California certified polygraph examiner Yolanda Gellis.
Truth or Lie Polygraph Examination Agency
Computerized polygraph agency in Southern California.
Western Polygraph
Offering tests, presenting details of services, credentials, choosing an examiner, FAQ, contacts and office location in.San Diego, California.
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