Much of psychological research does not attempt to solve a particular problem or look at how people behave in a real-life situation. Nevertheless, that sort of research still has implications for people's lives. Students learn about this material in classes, but in much greater detail than the public needs or wants. Thus, this category is for those sites that attempt to educate the public about the implications of basic psychological research.

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BBC - The Mind
Quizzes and other interactive features supplement articles on topics such as emotions, memory, personality, and the brain.
BPS Research Digest
Peer-reviewed research in psychology, digested for an audience of students, academics, practitioners and anyone with an interest in psychology.
The Brain from Top to Bottom
Explore topics such as emotion, language, and the senses at five levels of organization (from molecular to social) and three levels of explanation (from beginner to advanced). [Requires Javascript and Flash]
Jiskha Homework Help ("A Line on Life")
A resource providing some of David Gershaw's short articles (previously entitled "A Line on Life"). The articles are about everyday issues and are adapted from textbooks and other scholarly resources. Intended for the lay person.
Practical Psychology
Brief and to-the-point examinations of the applications of research on attraction, compliance, groups, and persuasion.
Student-created tutorials relating psychological concepts to a variety of topical issues such as the internet, sports fans, and advertising.
Psychology in the News
Press releases and articles compiled by the American Psychological Association. [RSS]
Psychology Matters
Categorized listing of findings from recent and classic research with direct applications to common personal and societal issues.
Psychology of Intelligence Analysis
Book commissioned by the CIA. Highlights the problems with human perception and thinking.
The Situationist
A weblog with articles by leading social and cognitive psychologists on the application of research to timely legal and policy issues. Sponsored by the Project on Law and Mind Sciences at Harvard Law School.
Understanding Prejudice
Exercises, demonstrations, and teaching materials that address the causes and consequences of prejudice. Also has a directory of experts.
Your Amazing Brain
Read about and test your brain, including your senses, memory and perceptions.
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