Sites with personal content related to dreams, dream interpretation, dream symbols, dream journals and blogs.
Creative Dreaming
Provides articles, video, bookstore and dream arts.
Cyndi Russell: Dream Emporium
Information on interpretation and understanding, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, night terrors and precognitive dreams. Also includes links to dream and sleep resources, and guidance on helping children with dream problems.
Dream Dictionary Interpretation
Short introductory articles to the dream interpretation.
Dream Journal
A few words about lucid dreaming and a dream journal.
Dream Network
Offers dream interpretation and dream alchemy resources.
Dream Research and Education
Kelly Bulkeley invites readers to participate in a dream survey and browse several books he has written about dreams and spirituality.
Dream Times Guide
Marlene King, M.A. provides brief or extensive dream evaluation services and techniques to empower the dreamer.
Dream Training
Dreams interpreted and shared, with emphasis on understanding dream meaning through discussion and analysis of manifested dreams and errors in dream interpretation.
Dreamages, A Primer
An easy to use tool by T. Tate and B. Golding on remembering one's dreams. Uses metaphor of dreams as precious metals and recommends ways to improve their usefulness.
Dreams and Visions
Provides a short explanation of several dream symbols and a place to share your dreams.
Gnosis Café
Anne A. Hill offers psychological and spiritual approaches to working with dreams, through individual and group sessions and the long-running Blog o' Gnosis.
Henry Reed, Creative Spirit Dream Interpretation
A professional website offering mentoring, retreats, materials for purchase, on-line articles concerning dream interpretation, books, and links. Henry Reed is the founder of the dreamwork movement, also the well-known Dream Helper Ceremony.
Jeremy Taylor on Dreams, Myth, and Social Change
Presents some of his ideas on dreams, the institute for projective dream work, his lectures.
Author Dr. Gillian Holloway's site about dreams offers dream interpretations and intelligent discussion of symbolism in dreams.
Lucid Blog
Covers various dreams topics including lucid dreaming.
Michael Sheridan: Aisling Dream Analysis
Leads to Michael's books and a paid course.
Myths - Dreams - Symbols
Jerry Gifford's page includes his own dreams and thoughts about them, a dream discussion board, synopses of Jungian concepts, links to articles on many belief systems, and a dictionary of dream symbols.
Robert Hoss: Dream Science
Papers on dreams, color in dreams, guides on dream-work, a downloadable PDF form.
Scientific Dream Interpretation by Christina Sponias
Provides dream interpretation, translation and analysis - health, wisdom and happiness
Way of the Dreamer
Dreaming techniques, articles and workshop information from shamanic dream explorer Robert Moss, author of "Conscious Dreaming" and "Dreamgates".
Why We Dream
Resource site with information, research and articles on the theory of dreaming developed by research psychologist Joe Griffin.
Working (and playing) with Dreams
Psychologist John Suler recommends ways of exploring your associations with the objects and characters in your dreams.
Your Dream Interpretation
Various dream articles.
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