Recording our dreams when we wake can help us make sense of them and remember them better. Many people keep a notepad and pen by their bed to write dreams down whenever they stir from sleep. Some of us share these journals with our lovers, families, or the whole web world.

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Andy's Dream Journal
A transcript of dreams spanning genres including sci-fi, silly, horrible and inspiring.
Dan's Dreams
Comics writer Dan Curtis Johnson shares his dreams recorded every year since 1988.
Dream Journal
Offers a free service that allows one to create and customize a personal online dream journal.
Dream Revealer
Offers help with personal dreams, a dictionary and several articles on dreams and sleep.
The Dreamforest
Dream journal of a shy, wannabe fantasy writer. Hundreds of detailed dreams spanning from 1990-present day. New content added often.
John DuBois' Dreams
John DuBois' dreams from 1991 to the present, as recorded in postings to a local forum.
Juggling Mercury
Johanna Mead describes herself as one part romantic, six parts cynic and just a smidgen of aimless, surreal whacko. Juggling Mercury is a dream record and night-time counterpart to her daily journal, Irregular Ramblings.
LIC Morpheus
Dreams blog with personal interpretation.
Maya's Dreams
An archive of many faithfully recorded dreams spanning 1996-2001. The author suggests, "The more often I try to remember my dreams and write them down, the more vivid and detailed they are."
Meaning of Dreams
Dreams theories, themes, dictionary, forum, and an archive.
This is a collection of the more interesting dreams of Derek Murray from June 1999 to May 2003.
National Dream Center
The National Dream Center serves as a dream logging service and site for exploration for prophetic dreamers.
Nep's Dream Journal
A dream journal hosted by the Diaryland service. Contains older and more recent dreams, notes from readers, and a list of common dream themes.
A Page of Dreams
A set of narrative dreams dating from 1996 with commentary on the role dreams have played in the dreamer's life.
Rhapsodic Dreams
Filled with dreams organized by date, archives, author profile, as well as links to dream resource sites.
Shanna's Dream Journal
A journal, hosted by the Blurty service, recording all of the author's unusual dreams for the past few years. Offers an author profile and the ability for readers to provide comments.
Tupperware Cities
A semi-daily journal of sleep/wake state adventures. Includes photos from the author's daily life and links to other sites.
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