Home pages of Cognitive Psychologists that contain significant information about the individual's work and/or give online access to it. Cognitive, sometimes called Experimental, Psychologists do experimental research on topics such as memory and reasoning. Psychologists who do research on sensation and perception (i.e., vision, hearing, etc.) often consider themselves to be Cognitive Psychologists, but there is a separate category for Sensation and Perception

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Adelson, Edward H.
Human and machine vision. (MIT, USA)
Aha, David W.
Models of planning and reasoning (Navy Center for Applied Research in AI)
Allen, James R.
Natural language understanding (Univ. of Rochester, USA)
Aloimonos, Yiannis
Active vision (Univ. of Maryland, USA)
Anstis, Stuart
Vision (UC San Diego, USA)
Arkin, Ronald C.
Behavior-based control and action-oriented perception for mobile robots (Georgia Tech, USA)
Bailey, David
Computational models of motor and language acquisition. (ex. UC Berkeley, USA)
Blaisdell, Aaron
Animal cognition, comparative psychology, and learning and behavior (UCLA)
Brooks, Rodney A.
Cognition in autonomous robots (MIT, USA)
Burgess, Neil
Working memory and navigation (Univ. College London, UK)
Busey, Thomas A.
Visual recognition, modeling (Indiana Univ.)
Calvin, William H.
Brain evolution (Univ. of Washington, USA)
Cave, Kyle
Visual attention and imagery (Southampton U., UK)
Chalmers, David
Consciousness and the philosophy of mind (Univ. of Arizona, USA)
Clayton, Keith
Dynamics of human memory (Vanderbilt Univ., USA)
Cohen, Dale J.
Early vision, attention, drawing (Univ. of North Carolina at Wilmington, USA)
Durgin, Frank H.
Visual psychophysics and top-down effects (Swarthmore College, USA)
Francis, Gregory
Visual psychophysics and modeling (Purdue Univ., USA)
Gasser, Michael
Embodied cognition and language learning (Indiana Univ.)
Goel, Ashok
Models of reasoning and analogy-making (Georgia Tech, USA)
Goel, Vinod
Cognitive, computational, and neural basis of human reasoning and problem solving using lesion studies, computational modelling, and neuroimaging techniques involving PET and fMRI (York University)
Goldstone, Robert
Categorization (Indiana Univ.)
Green, Christopher D.
History of psychology, theoretical cognitive science (York Univ., Canada)
Greenwald, Anthony G.
Experimental and social psychology (Univ. of Washington, USA)
Grush, Rick
Philosophy of cognition and representation (U. of California, San Diego, USA)
Harnad, Stevan
Categorical perception, scientific communication (Univ. of Southampton, UK)
Heit, Evan
Categorization, memory, inductive reasoning (UC Merced, USA).
Holtzman, David A.
Olfactory and vomero nasal chemosensory development, spatial learning and memory in snakes. (Rochester University, USA)
Hurford, James
Language evolution (Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)
Irtel, Hans
Invariance properties of the human visual system (Univ. of Mannheim, Germany)
Itti, Laurent
Visual attention (USC, USA)
Jacobs, Robert A.
Computation, learning, modularity, neural competition.
Jenkin, Michael
Computational and robotic vision (York Univ., Canada)
Jordan, Michael I.
Models of visuomotor and other learning (Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA)
Kalish, Chuck
Cognitive Development (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Karypidis, Charalampos
PhD student in phonetics and cognitive psychology. (University of Paris, France.)
Kay, Paul
Linguistics of color names (UC Berkeley, USA)
Kersten, Daniel J.
Visual psychophysics (Univ. of Minnesota, USA)
Kirsh, David
Representation in everyday activity (Univ. of California at San Diego, USA)
Klahr, David
Cognitive development (Carnegie-Mellon Univ., USA)
Knight, Bruce W.
Biophysics of visual system (Mount Sinai, USA)
Knill, David C.
Visuo-motor control, psychopsychics, computational vision (Univ. of Rochester, USA)
Koch, Christoph
Biophysics and neurophysiology of attention and awareness (Caltech, USA)
Li, Zhaoping
Sensory modeling (University College, London)
Loftus, Elizabeth F.
False memory (Univ. of Washington, USA)
Maes, Pattie
Software agents (MIT, USA)
Maljkovic, Vera
Dynamic aspects of perception and short-term memory (Univ. of Chicago, USA)
Miikkulainen, Risto
Connectionist modeling (Univ. of Texas, USA)
Moore, Jim
Sociobiology (UC San Diego, USA)
Moravec, Hans
Mobile robots and their psychology (Carnegie-Mellon Univ., USA)
Morten Fjeld, ETH
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland: Cognitive Ergonomics (CE)
Mozer, Michael C.
Computational models of vision, attention and neurological disorders (Univ. of Colorado, USA)
Narayanan, Srini
Embodied lexical development (UC Berkeley, USA)
Nelson, Randal C.
Robotic vision and manipulation (Univ. of Rochester, USA)
O'Regan, Kevin
Vision and attention (Univ. of Paris V, France)
O'Reilly, Randall C.
Biologically based computational models of cognition (Univ. of Colorado, USA)
Pallier, Christophe
Psycholinguistics (LSCP, EHESS, Paris)
Peters, Ann
Language acquisition, prosody (Univ. of Hawaii, USA)
Plaut, David C.
Computational psycholinguistics (Carnegie-Mellon Univ., USA)
Pollack, Jordan B.
Neural network and evolutionary learning (Brandeis Univ., USA)
Ram, Ashwin
Computational models of learning (Georgia Tech, USA)
Redish, A. David
Neural models of navigation and memory (Univ. of Arizona, USA)
Sagi, Dov
Visual psychophysics (Weizmann Inst., Israel)
Shastri, Lokenda
Neurally motivated computational models of learning (UC Berkeley, USA)
Simoncelli, Eero
Computational neuroscience of vision, image processing (NYU, USA)
Smith, Barry
Cognitive ontology (SUNY Buffalo, USA)
Somers, David C.
Neural modeling of vision (Boston U., USA)
Sperling, George
Mathematical psychology of human information processing (UC Irvine, USA)
Spilich, George
Cognitive effects of smoking and Alzheimer's (Washington College, USA)
Tanaka, Yasuto
Visual psychophysics and neuroscience (Weizmann Inst., Israel)
Tsur, Reuven
Cognition and poetry (Tel Aviv Univ., Israel)
Wexler, Mark
Action and perception (LPPA, France)
Wilensky, Robert
Artificial intelligence (UC Berkeley, USA)
Wolfe, Jeremy M.
Visual search (Harvard Univ., USA)
BBC Desert Island Discs: Steven Pinker
Steven Pinker, cognitive psychologist and writer, is interviewed by Kirsty Young. (June 30, 2013)
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