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Offers coaching and counselling services using NLP and Hypnosis.
Cellular Wisdom
Friedemann Schaub M.D., Ph.D. combines conventional and alternative modalities in treatment programs.
Dilts, Robert (NLP University)
Cofounder of NLP and Author of various technical NLP books, Dilts has been training since the beginning. His writings, schedule, and links.
Essential Skills
Persuasion skills for use in everyday life. Corporate sales training in rapport, persuasion, public speaking, influence and motivation.
Hypnosis Now!
Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) training available world-wide at resort locations.
Hypnotic Wishes
Phone and online therapy, NLP, spiritual journeys and counseling, regression.
IDEA Seminars - Rex Sikes
NLP training that focuses on practical skills, rather than outdated therapy techniques. Many articles on NLP. Information on seminars and home study products.
Inside Performance
Specialists in providing training courses, mental skills training and coaching for the Sport, Exercise and Health Professions.
International Teaching Seminars
Internet resource covering personal and professional development, neuro-linguistic programming, (NLP) leadership skills, stress management, business consultancy, systems thinking, and mind/body health.
International Trainers Academy of NLP
List of ITA trainers, workshops and standards of practice in addition to an NLP forum.
Irish Institute of NLP
Presents internationally licensed training in hypnosis. Includes details of seminars and teaching staff.
LEARN Institute
NLP, Meta-States and Neuro-Semantics training and products.
Life Potential Developments
Offers live and online NLP training certification, life coach training certification, personal life coaching, and NLP products.
MacKay Solutions
NLP training, time line therapy, communication skills, hypnosis, therapy, and business consultancy.
NLP and NHR training and seminars with Dr Richard Bandler. Supplier of a range of NLP products on DVD and CD, which can be bought online.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Jerusalem.
NLP LIFE Training
Courses held throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, providing techniques and tools for change, growth and success.
NLP Practitioners Directory
Contains a database for finding practitioners and training as well as online games and training exercises.
NLP Seminars Group International
Training and Development organization that conducts seminars on Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
Outstanding Training and Coaching
Scott Watson provides first class life coaching encompassing NLP, and emotional intelligence.
Renewal Technologies
Trainers, consultants, coaches, and public speakers on personal and organizational change with NLP.
The Silva Method in NJ, Guided Meditation Seminars
Listing of monthly courses in the Silva Method of guided meditation taught by Dr. Aretoula Fullam.
Solutions In Mind
NLP by professional practitioners, providing communication excellence.
Success Strategies by Anna Russo
Changing behavior for enhanced effectiveness through neuro-linguistic programming
Sunrise Dynamics
NLP time line therapy and hypnosis are leading edge technologies for accelerated success and change.
The Tad James Company
Offers training, certification and products. Offices in the USA and Australia.
The Way to Wellness Inc
Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. Also offers exercises "Stress Solutions for Small Spaces" DVDs, CDs and videos.

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