This category focuses on the effects of electronic commerce policy and telecommunications deregulation on business ventures in different countries. Global networks such as the internet but also multinational intranets and extranets provide new service and software firms with opportunities for global electronic commerce. The following sites address policy issues surrounding new venture internationalisation. Important aspects are not only the legal framework of global electronic commerce but also telecommunication deregulation and the promotion of venture capital.

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Brad De Long's Website
A very informative website covering a wide range of network economy issues by University of California at Berkeley Professor of Economics J. Bradford De Long. Professor De Long is an economic historian and specialist in macroeconomic issues. He has also worked as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Economic Policy during the Clinton Administration from 1993 to 1995.
Council on Competitiveness
Sets an agenda to encourage U.S. economic competitiveness and leadership in world markets in order to raise the standard of living for Americans. Focus is on strengthening innovation, upgrading the workforce, and benchmarking national economic performance. Members include corporate chief executives, university presidents and labor leaders.
Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network
Includes a wealth of information regarding economics, IT and Internet, including policy pointers.
E-conomy Project - Univ. of California-Berkeley
A collaborative project among colleges at the University of California, Berkeley focusing on the profound transformation being wrought by new digital technologies.
Elsevier Science
Elsevier Science is the web resource for the academic publishing house Elsevier. The useful web site contains listings for publications such as Research Policy.
Inomics: Economist's Site
An Internet service for economists which includes an economics search engine, job openings for economists, conference calls in economics as well free alert services for the latter.
Reality 2.0
EZine by Doc Searls, Senior Editor of the Linux Journal and co-author of the book The Cluetrain Manifesto. The site is a collection of Doc's thinking, mostly on how marketing will be redefined in the future but also more broadly about the relationship between "users," corporations and governments.
Telepolis (English language)
Telepolis is a German-language ezine focusing on the Internet, technology and policy. It is edited from Munich and London.
TotalTelecom - World News
TotalTelecom is a resource on telecommunications/ internet business and policy by EMAP Media for global communications professionals.
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