Qualitative Methodology also known as Qualitative Research is the study with the special focus of the "how" and "why" decisions are made, instead of just "what", "when", "where" and "who".

The same research methods are participant observation, direct observation, unstructured interviewing, and case study.

Data analysis methods generally use some researcher interpretation to quantify the information and/or come to a conclusion about the results. The main data analysis methods are interpretive techniques, coding, and recursive abstraction.

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Content- and Text-Analysis Resources
Bibliographies, research, software and electronic texts by Matthias Romppel.
International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)
Information on people, resources and events.
Narrative and performative research
Dr. Kip Jones conducts researches in biographic narrative interpretive research and performative social science. Presentation and calendar.
Qualitative Data Service (Qualidata)
Service for the acquisition, dissemination and re-use of social sciences qualitative research data within the United Kingdom. Online catalog (Qualicat), resources by discipline, news and events, presentation of the committee members and related links.
Qualitative research
Network, journal and forum for qualitative researchers.
Qualitative Research in Information Systems
aims to provide qualitative researchers in IS - and those wanting to know how to do qualitative research - with useful information on the conduct, evaluation and publication of qualitative research.
Qualitative Research Resources
Information on qualitative data analysis, software, and references lists. By James Drisko, Smith College.
Qualitative Research Web Ring
Qualitative research and information for graduate students and faculty interested in all aspects of qualitative research.
Resources by Judy Norris for qualitative researchers.
Research Talk
Learning and consulting in QDA.
Citation indexes of scientific literature. Generates statistics and allows browsing of the context of citations.
SdG Associates
Training and consultancy on Atlas.ti, Decision Explorer, Nud*Ist, NVivo and WinMax.
Text Analysis Info
Classification of text analysis software and commented list of links to language and content analysis methods by Harald Klein (founder of Intext) : software description, text archives, mailing lists, conferences, news.
Textual Studies
Guide to textual analysis tools including description of various CAQDAS.
Video Analysis
References and links relating to computer-aided video/audio content analysis by Rainer Lienhart.

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