Sociolinguistics is the study of the relationship between linguistic behaviour and social situations, roles, and functions. Rather than concentrating on individuals, sociolinguistics is centered on the speech community; defined as any group of people who share some set of social conventions, or sociolinguistic norms, for language use. This relationship between language and society encompasses a wide variety of social situations--from international relations to interpersonal relationships.

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Accents and Dialects of the UK
Learning resource of the British Library gives simple but detailed information on dialects and language variation in the UK.
American Dialect Society
Scholarly association dedicated to the study of the English language in North America.
Atlas of North American English
A survey of linguistic changes in progress in North American English.
BBC - Voices
Resource for exploring language diversity in the UK features voice recordings of social and regional dialects, articles and news on linguistics and classroom materials.
Buckeye Natural Speech Corpus
Corpus of conversations recorded in Columbus, Ohio provides data for the study of variation in speech. Data access information, forums and details about the project.
Centre for Language and Ecology
Supporting research into discourse analysis of language/texts which have ecological impact.
The Global Language Monitor
Essays and articles on various linguistic topics, and an algorithmic analysis of political language use in the United States.
International Dialects of English Archive
A repository of primary source recordings for actors and other artists in the performing arts.
Language and Nationalism in Asia
Research on language and orthographic reform in Han cultural sphere, including Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and China.
Language and Social Interaction Division of NCA
Special division of the National Communication Association promotes the understanding of language as a tool for communication.
Language Attitudes Toward Written Taiwanese
A survey on current issues regarding the Taiwanese writing system.
Language Policy Web Site
An exchange of news and views on English Only legislation, bilingual education, endangered languages and related issues of U.S. language policy.
Language Varieties
Varieties of language that differ from the standard variety normally used in the media and taught in the schools.
Linguistic Society of America - Sociolinguistics
A brief introduction to the field by Walt Wolfram of North Carolina State University.
Lingva Prismo
Promoting the concept of interlingualism (balancing language equality with effective communication), with language maps, quizzes, and information on world languages and writing systems. In English, Esperanto, and several European languages.
North Carolina Language and Life Project
An organization performing sociolinguistic research and leading educational programs in representative speech communities.
PBS - Do You Speak American?
Companion material to a TV documentary examining the dynamic state of American (USA) English.
Sociolingo’s African Linguistics
Mali weblog discusses African language policies and provides links to news and information on African sociolinguistics.
Sociolinguistics and Computer Mediated Conversation
Online research group and community blog site explores the intersection of Sociolinguistics and Computer-Mediated Communication.
Sociolinguistics as a Concept of 'Language'
Undergraduate essay compares the sociolinguistic view of language as a continuum of varieties to the formal linguistic view of a fixed structure of rules.
Sociolinguistics at the Summer Institute of Linguistics
Sociolinguistic research aids in the planning of SIL language development programs. View language survey results and publications of the SIL.
Sociolinguistics Graduate Program at UPenn
Leading graduate program in sociolinguistics includes links to associated faculty and scholars.
Sociolinguistics Laboratory - University of Ottawa
Research program concentrates on language change in different contact situations in Canada and elsewhere.
Stanford University Sociolinguistics
Stanford Sociolinguistics focuses on social influences of language variation. The corpus-based research program investigates regional and ethnic varieties of American English as well as pidgins and creoles.
University of Edinburgh Sociolinguistics Research Group
University of Edinburgh sociolinguistics discussion group examines how the context of language shapes its forms and uses. Find topic lists, participant biographies and meeting schedules.

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