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Analogy, Metaphor, and Integration
A series of talks and discussions at UCSD in 1998, by Gilles Fauconnier, Douglas Hofstadter, Ray Gibbs, George Lakoff, and others.
Barnden, John - ATT-Meta Project
Research project which simulates reasoning about mental states and metaphor in a rule-based system. Various papers and a metaphor databank.
Forceville, Charles
Cognitive linguist with a special interest in visual metaphors.
Metaphor: From Plato to the Postmodernists
Explores the role of metaphor in Plato's texts, postmodernist works, culture, and technology.
Olson Zaltman Associates
A research and consulting firm which uses the Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) to reveal the consumers' subconscious motivation.
Sci-Phi Pilot: A Language of Metaphors
How to build metaphors and how to use metaphors as learning tools.
Turner, Mark
Expert in cognitive metaphor, conceptual blending and other areas of communication and creativity. Book descriptions, selected articles and links.
Wikipedia - Metaphor
Definitions and examples of metaphor, simile, dead metaphors and mixed metaphors.
Hypotheses Revisited: The Cognitive Theory of Metaphor Applied to Religious Texts
Article by Olaf Jäkel in Summarizes the cognitive theory of metaphor in nine hypotheses. These are seen to be corroborated by an analysis of biblical journey metaphors, although the validity of the 'invariance hypothesis' is questioned. (December 01, 2002)
Notes Towards the Analysis of Metaphor
Two strategies for a systematic procedure to reconstruct metaphorical concepts and metaphorical reasoning in everyday language. (January 01, 2000)
Cyberspace is a Parallel World, a Metaphor Analysis
This paper examines some of the metaphors that have evolved as we have incorporated computer technology into our lives. (January 01, 1999)
The Frequency of Original Metaphors in Literary and Nonliterary Texts
Presentation of an undergraduate's research, with reference to concreteness, conventionality and implicit formulation. (August 01, 1998)
From Icon to Metaphor
Abstract of Orly Goldwasser's book 'From Icon to Metaphor: Studies in the Semiotics of the Hieroglyphs'. (January 01, 1995)
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