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Alan Prince
Phonologist at Rutgers University. Includes research interests, CV, and downloadable papers.
Alexander Grosu
Professor emeritus in the department of linguistics at Tel Aviv University, who initially specialized in theoretical syntax, and has more recently developed a primary interest in issues at the syntax-semantic interface.
Angelika Kratzer
Semanticist at University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Arto Anttila
Phonology and language variation, Stanford University.
Barbara Abbott
Michigan State University - Interested in semantics and pragmatics of language. Holds a joint appointment in linguistics and philosophy.
Barbara H. Partee
University of Massachusetts at Amherst - A distinguished early worker on Montague Grammar, the main line of her work lies in foundational aspects of semantics and its relationship to syntax.
Beth Levin
Lexical semantics and syntax, Stanford University.
Bruce Hayes
Phonologist at UCLA. Author of several books and articles, most famously: "Hayes 1995. Metrical Stress Theory: Principles and Case Studies."
Charles Fillmore
Syntax and semantics, University of California, Berkeley.
Donca Steriade
Phonologist at MIT. Specialized in Greek and Latin, as well as prosody.
Elisabeth Selkirk
Phonologist at University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Prominent with work on prosody.
Fred Landman
Professor of Semantics in the Linguistics Department at Tel Aviv University. He has published on many topics in semantic theory. Currently, he teaches semantics and computational linguistics.
Ghil`ad Zuckerman
Academic website of Dr Ghil`ad Zuckermann, D.Phil. (Oxford), a linguist at the University of Cambridge, whose interests include linguistics, Israel, Hebrew, Yiddish, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and word games.
Greg Kochanski
Research results and papers in computational phonetics.
Heidi Harley
University of Arizona - Interest are syntax, lexical semantics and morphology.
Irene Heim
Semanticist and head of the linguistics department at MIT. Includes research interests, contact information, and a list of recent publications.
Irene Vogel
Professor of phonology at University of Delaware. Research interests include phonology, phonetics, prosody.
James Copeland
Rice University-Professor of linguistics.
James Pustejovsky
Brandeis University - Interests are computational linguistics, lexical semantics and language guided web analysis. Proposer of The Generative Lexicon, a very influential approach to lexical semantics.
Jan van Eijck
CWI, Amsterdam - Computational linguist, whose site includes details of Dynamo, an implementation of dynamic logic programming.
Jerry A. Fodor
Entry at the Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind.
Joaquim Llisterri
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Research and teaching in general and applied phonetics, general and applied linguistics, speech technologies and spoken language resources.
Joe Pater
Phonologist and language acquisitionist at University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
John Ohala
Experimental phonology and phonetics, University of California, Berkeley.
Joseph Clancy Clements
Sociolinguistics, morphology and Spanish and Portuguese linguistics, Indiana University.
Joseph Greenberg
Wikipedia biography emphasizing his work on classifying the languages of Africa and the Americas.
Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig
Second language acquisition, Indiana University.
Kenneth L. Hale
Provides information on the work of the late linguist Ken Hale, syntactician and field linguist. Studies a great variety of previously unstudied languages.
Larry Hyman
Phonology and African languages, University of California, Berkeley.
Laurent Dekydtspotter
Second language acquisition and French linguistics, Indiana University. Prominent with work on acquisition of semantics.
Manfred Krifka
Professor in general linguistics at the Institute for German Speech and Linguistics, Humboldt University in Berlin. Interested in semantics and interrogatives.
Mark Baker
Syntactician at Rutgers University. His research focuses on syntactic theory, morphology and the grammar of Amerindian languages.
Martin Stokhof
University of Amsterdam - Collection of his papers, including his survey article `Questions' (written in collaboration with Jeroen Groenendijk), which appeared in the `Handbook of Logic and Language' (1997).
Michael Kenstowicz
Phonologist and language acquisitionist at MIT. One of the early proponents of constraint-based phonology.
Paul Kiparsky
Phonologist at Stanford University. Proposed many of the recent leading phonological theories.
Peter W. Jusczyk
Infant language perception, first language acquisition, phonology and prosody.
Petra Hendriks
Home page of Petra Hendriks, professor at the Center for Language and Cognition at the University of Groningen.
Rex A. Sprouse
Second language acquisition and Germanic linguistics, Indiana University.
Richard Kayne
Syntactician at New York University. Includes research interests, CV, contact information and recent papers.
Rick Nouwen
University of Utrecht - Interested in dynamic semantics, generalized quantifiers theory, plurals, reflexives, reciprocals, NP-typology, and mereology.
Robin Cooper
Göteborg University - Computational linguist interested in situation semantics and Montague grammars.
Samuel Jay Keyser
Phonologist at MIT. Works on prosody.
Sharon Inkelas
Phonologist at University of California at Berkeley.
Sharon Peperkamp
University of Paris 8. Research interests include phonological theory and early language acquisition.
Shigeru Miyagawa
Syntactician at MIT. Prominent in Japanese and Altaic linguistics, as well as syntactic subject positions.
William Labov
University of Pennsylvania - Change in language and dialect, sociolinguistics. Principal investigator of the Phonological Atlas of North America, a massive survey of phonetic variation across the USA.
Öner Özçelik
Phonology, second language acquisition and Turkish/Turkic linguistics, Indiana University.

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