A Finno-Ugric language spoken mainly in Finland but also by minorities in Sweden, Norway, Russia and North America.

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Employment of Foreigners Hampered by Language Barriers and Attitudes
by Vellamo Vehkakoski. Helsingin Sanomat article describing language acquisition as an obstacle for foreigners seeking jobs in Finland.
The Finnish Language
Short introduction to the Finnish language, with a well-organized page devoted to the use of cases in Finnish. Links to Finnish resources on the Internet. [By Jukka Korpela]
Flash Finnish
A free mobile phone game designed to help you learn Finnish. It features basic vocabulary, colors and numbers.
Frequently Asked Questions about Finno-Ugrian Languages
by Johanna Laakso. Is Finnish the most ancient language in the world? Where do Finnish words come from? A Finno-Ugric linguist answers these and other common questions.
Learn Finnish
A weblog which posts new Finnish words that the author learns.
Lingsoft, Inc.
Finnish language technology company, offers proofreading and other software for Finnish and other Nordic languages.
Phonetics of Finnish
Information on Finnish words and their phonetic structure, from the Department of Phonetics, University of Helsinki. Bilingual page (English and Finnish).
The Research Institute for the Languages of Finland
Studies and provides advice on the usage of Finnish, Swedish, the Finno-Ugric languages, Finnish Sign Language, and Romany, the language of the Gypsies in Finland. [Finnish, English, Swedish and others]
Society for the Study of Finnish
A linguistic quarterly published by Kotikielen Seura (The Mother Tongue Society). Summaries in English.
Verbix - Verb Conjugator
On-line verb conjugation service for Finnish and 50+ other languages. Includes list of 10,000 most frequent Finnish words.
Yahoo Groups : Finnish
Discussion list for people studying Finnish language and culture in Finland or elsewhere.

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