The members of the Finno-Ugric (or Uralic) language family are: Baltic-Finnic group: Finnish, Estonian, Karelian, Ludic/Ludian, Veps/Vepsian, Ingrian, Livonian and Votic/Votian; Sami (Lapp): a group of dialects or closely related languages; Mari (Cheremis); Mordvin: Erzya and Moksha; Permic/Permian group: Komi (Zyryan), Permyak and Udmurt (Votyak); Ugric group: Hungarian, Khanty (Ostyak) and Mansi (Vogul); Samoyedic group: Nenets (Yurak), Enets (Yenisey Samoyed), Nganasan (Tavgy) and Selkup (Ostyak Samoyed). The Samoyedic group is traditionally classified as a separate language family constituting the Uralic group together with Finno-Ugric languages. However, many linguists now use the terms "Finno-Ugric" and "Uralic" as synonyms, and this is also the naming convention used in the ODP.

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Databank for Endangered Finno-Ugrian Languages
Information and contact addresses for a Scandinavian project for preserving minor Uralic languages.
Finno-Ugrian Classification
Classification, numbers of speakers and areas of distribution of the Uralic languages.
Minority Languages of Russia on the Net - Finno-Ugric languages
Information on Finno-Ugric languages spoken in Russia.
Minority Languages of Russia on the Net - Samoyedic Languages
Collection of links to Internet resources on the Samoyedic languages.
My Helsinki WWW Archives
Contains a FAQ about Finno-Ugric languages, Finnish-Hungarian etymologies, links to research institutes, organizations, publications and mailing lists. No longer maintained.
Salminen, Tapani
Lecturer in Finno-Ugrian linguistics at the University of Helsinki. Includes annotated links and information on the specific languages he has studied.
Societas Uralo-Altaica (SUA)
Society based in Germany, and devoted to Uralic and Altaic studies.
The Uralic Family
Survey of the Uralic peoples, including information on their languages. Excellent maps indicating the past and present distribution of Uralic languages.
Uralic Languages and Peoples
A good collection of information and links about Finno-Ugric languages by Kazuto Matsumora (University of Tokyo), including some of his own materials.

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