Thai is a member of the Chiang Saeng subgroup of the Tai-Kadai language family spoken by approximately 25 million speakers primarily located in Thailand and neigboring countries in south-east Asia. It is also known as Central Tai, Standard Thai, Thaiklang and Siamese.

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Message boards and reference information on the language, plus a dictionary.
Wikipedia: Thai language
Introduction with sections on dialects, script, grammar and phonology.
How To Speak Thai
Sections on pronunciation, grammar and basic phrases.
Free mp3 audio and mp4 videos for learners of Thai.
Learn Speak Thai
Book and DVD for Thai and Isaan Thai language learning success. Makes language learning fast, easy, fun and interesting.
Learn Thai CD-ROM
Thai Interactive Learning System.
Learn Thai online
Free Thai language study aids: flashcards, quizzes and games. The site includes over 4000 audio clips.
Learn Thai with Maanee Books
Free English translation and Thai audio pronunciation of the Maanee's Books, the official school manual to learn Thai language during the 80's and 90's
Learning Thai forums
A forum for those learning to speak Thai.
Online Keyboard for Thai
On this keyboard you can type Thai text easily online. The finished text can be copied, saved as a text file or printed out.
Profile of the Thai Language
Overview of the language including its basic tonal, morphological and grammatical structure, a language map and collectional of bibliographic references.
Soc Culture Thai Language FAQ
Contains language and linguistics information for the soc.culture.thai newsgroup.
Speaking Thai
Describes arts, cultures, customs and traditions.
Thai Language Page
General overview of the Thai language in various aspects including Thai language lessons and Thai poetry.
Thai Language Wiki
The Foreign Service Institute Thai Language Course converted into a website.
Thai Particles
A large list of Thai particles and exclamations with example sentences.
Software for learning the Thai language in German, English, France and Dutch.
Women Learning Thai
One woman's blog expanded to become a resource centre for anyone learning Thai.
Your name in Thai
Get your first name in Thai script together with its English romanization and an audio file generated by a text to speech software.

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