British Sign Language (BSL) is the visual language used by profoundly Deaf people in the UK

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An online glossary for BSL/English terminology used in art and design, using Quicktime and Windows Media Player videos.
Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI)
A professional association encouraging good practice in Sign Language interpreting, and representing the profession in the UK. Includes information on membership, events, and professional development activities.
British Sign Language
Information and resources for learning. Includes online courses, a dictionary, fingerspelling generator, a discussion forum and links
BSL Research
Ongoing research about the importance of BSL to the d/Deaf community in the United Kingdom.
BSL Short Dictionary
Guide to signing over four hundred common words in BSL, with animated GIFs and instructions on how to make each sign.
Deaf Umbrella EAST Ltd.
Provide British Sign Language short notice interpreters, communication support workers, note takers, teacher of the deaf. Deaf Awareness Courses and Sign Language Education. Dedicated Job Club and Work Prep Programme.
Search engine for Sign Language and Deaf related subjects.
Information, links and resources on British Sign Language (BSL) and deafness. Regularly updated news, notice board, and guest book with personal responses. fingerspelling keyboard, illustrated signs and section for schools.
The Edinburgh & East of Scotland Deaf Society
Edinburgh based charity supporting Deaf People.
Ethnologue BSL Entry
Information on British Sign Language.
Forest Books
UK bookshop specialising in sign language and Deaf issues and products.
Home study course includes videos that teach BSL.
Remark! Access
Offers a range of translation, interpretation and training services for service providers, to facilitate access for speakers of British Sign Language.
Royal Association for Deaf People
Includes an official statement on BSL.
Royal National Institute for Deaf People
The UK's largest Deaf organisation, and provider of Sign Language interpreting services and training.
Scottish Association for Sign Language Interpreters
Scottish body for training and qualifying British Sign Language interpreters.
Promotes communication between deaf and hearing people, by offering nationally recognised assessments and accreditation in British Sign Language and other forms of communication used by deaf people.
SignPost BSL
SignPost is a supplier of British Sign Language (BSL) services. This bi-lingual website has free BSL tutorials, signed daily news headlines and TV listings of signed programmes.
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