Japanese language resources focusing on learning: online courses, teacher resources, etc. Language schools should be submitted to Reference/Education/International/Language_Schools/Japanese or Regional/Asia/Japan/Education/Language/Japanese_Language_Schools.
Charles Kelly's Web-based Japanese Language Study Materials
Free online quizzes, flashcards and word lists. Covers romaji, hiragana, katakana, kanji, Japanese newspaper words, and reading signs.
CosCom Japanese Language School
Offers introductory study materials including audio files and grammar lessons. Also has books, e-books, and picture cards for sale.
Elementary Japanese Language Course - Nihongo Shoho
Full course (34 lessons) based on the book Nihongo Shoho, with mp3 files, vocabulary trainer, word and kanji index, and other resources. Some free lessons, most content requires purchase.
Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese.
A website by The Japan Foundation for Japanese learners with educational videos and interactive exercises.
infocobuild | Learning Japanese
A collection of online resources designed to help people learn Japanese.
Japan Culture Study Group
Several Japanese lessons and explanations made by Japanese instructors.
Japanese for the Western Brain
A series of articles outlining the basic parts of Japanese speech from an English-speaker's perspective.
Japanese LinguaLift
Online Japanese textbook, SRS kanji and vocabulary review tools, and fun educational games.
The Japanese Page
Learn interesting Japanese while having fun. Grammar, kanji, culture and a little bit of everything Japanese for free.
Japanese Podcasting Lessons
Learn basic Japanese through video podcasts.
Japanese Verb Conjugator
Provides a conjugation table for the dictionary form of Japanese verbs. Includes a list of basic verbs.
Free Japanese language lessons and translated math story problems from Japan's jr. high math placement tests.
Daily podcasts that teach Japanese from beginning to advanced levels. Requires registration. Only some content is available free.
Kana Flashcards
Kana online learning tool.
Kanji Clinic
A column appearing every third Friday in The Japan Times aiming at providing practical advice to non-Japanese adults striving to become literate in Japanese by learning the 1,945 general-use kanji. It is written by Mary Sisk Noguchi, associate professor at Meijo University in Nagoya, Japan.
The Kanji Site
A step-by-step guide to hundreds of kanji, with random testing and a search function. Intended for JLPT study. Works on machines without Japanese support.
Learn Japanese
Integrated learning solution for a learner of Japanese. Learn, review, and practice Japanese in one easy to use package, online or on the go.
Learn Japanese Online
Introduces basic Japanese with flash quizzes that test kana and vocabulary.
Introduces a new kanji on each weekday, with readings, meanings and examples. On weekends the week's kanji are reviewed. The site can be viewed on any computer, no Japanese fonts are required.
NHK Japanese Lessons for English Speakers
Japan's publicly-funded broadcasting corporation offers free audio lessons.
Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese
Covers basic grammar and vocabulary.
Nihongo Pera Pera (Fluent Japanese)
An introduction to computer software and study techniques for becoming fluent in Japanese.
The Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese
Webpage version of the sci.lang.japan guide to basic Japanese grammar and syntax.
Real Kana
A simple site for learning and practicing hiragana and katakana, the two Japanese syllabaries.
Free site that allows you to read Japanese kanji on any webpage by passing your mouse cursor over the characters.
Write Japanese and Chinese characters with a mouse or a tablet and get a score and suggestions on how to improve your handwriting.
Tagaini Jisho
A free, open source Japanese dictionary and study assistant software.
Offers beginning and intermediate online textbook with corresponding tests, as well as information on different dialects and a notice board for meeting conversation partners.
Web Japanese
Today's Kanji, daily and monthly columns for students of the Japanese language.

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