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Alphabet (ClicNet)
Practice your pronunciation of the French alphabet with the help of QuickTime audio.
Babilnet's French Courses
Live, real-time French courses by audio or video conferencing with a French teacher. Offers conversational French, French for business, exam preparation, text correction and free online courses.
BBC Education - Languages - French
Multimedia learning resources with Real Audio, Real Video, and Shockwave.
Online French course for beginners
Blog for learning French with video lessons covering expressions, vocabulary, conversation, grammar and cultural tips. Audio courses cover vocabulary and pronunciation.
French Classes On-Line
Learn and speak French on the Net or on the phone to a teacher in France.
French in Aude
One-to-one French courses in Aude, from beginner to advanced level. Tailor-made French lessons for foreigners, either in Narbonne or via Skype.
French Language Course
Gain an understanding of written French with these lessons.
French Revision
Online French instruction with interactive lessons and exercises, aimed at students preparing for examinations in the United Kingdom.
French Words and Phrases
Basic words and phrases for studying French.
Learn French online using the online random question generator and other online lessons.
Offers courses in beginners, intermediate and advanced french - backed by e-mail support from qualified teachers. Free trial.
Audio and video lessons for learning French covering vocabulary lists, verbs and grammar as well as private online classes via Skype.
A free French tutorial, offering basic and intermediate lessons.
Jeu de l'oie
An interactive game with 20 different topics (verbs, grammar, vocabulary) for different levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced)
LanguageGuide: French
Pronunciation, conjugations, gender, an image based vocabulary guide, grammar resources and readings.
Lawless French
French lessons covering grammar, expressions, verbs, language difficulties, vocabulary lists, culture, teaching tips and product reviews.
French course for beginners as well as video lessons covering verb tenses and conjugations, vocabulary, expressions and culture.
One Thing in a French Day
A small slice of a Frenchwoman's day in France and in French. Available as a podcast with transcriptions.
Optimnem French Tutorial
Spatial learning strategies for beginner to intermediate-level French. Includes worksheets, native audio recordings and tutor support.
ParisByPod French Lessons
Daily French lessons by Podcast about Paris cultural life, with strong emphasis on pronunciation (videos, dictations, alphabet, regional accents, male / female voices).
Pronunciation guide
Pronunciation of French sounds (vowels, consonants, accents) with audio files and explanations in English.
Quia! French Activities
Games and quizzes for learning French. Over 10 types of activities to choose from, including matching games, flash cards, hangman, trivia games, and quizzes.
One to one French classes with a native French tutor through a videoconferencing platform.
Thematic French Lessons
Basic French lessons to learn simple spoken phrases. Themes include numbers, days and months.
Interactive activities for French teachers and learners.
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