This category contains links to collections of Latin texts on the Internet. Subcategories contain links to specific texts when such texts offer some useful feature that the collections listed here don't provide.

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Bibliotheca Augustana
Index of Latin literature. Navigation is in Latin: you can browse alphabetically or by century. Also includes German, English, and Greek literature.
Perseus Project Latin Texts
With accompanying English translations and links to dictionaries, commentaries, grammars, and other tools.
CNP's Online Catalog - Music with Latin Texts
Lists a collection of Latin texts written to music. The texts themselves are not available online but must be ordered.
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum
Online texts from Augustine to Vergil, sorted by author and including links to Latin, English, and foreign language translations.
LacusCurtius: Latin Texts
The main index page for the Latin texts on LacusCurtius: Pliny's Natural History, Frontinus, Vitruvius, Ptolemy's Geography.
The Later Latin Society
Latin, classical, medieval and modern; texts, symposia, grammatical aids, Attic Nights of Aulus Gellius, Res Gestae of Augustus Divus, Erasmus, and Philobiblon of Richard de Bury in Latin
The Latin Library
A collection of Latin texts: classical, Christian, medieval, and modern, including such classics as Lewis Carroll's "Gabrobocchia".
Latin Texts at CELT
CELT is a resource for contemporary and historical Irish documents in literature, history and politics. This particular link takes you to their collection of Latin texts.
The Library
A library of Latin works, with introductions and translations (Dana Sutton, U of California).
Nordic Neo-Latin Literature
A searchable database of Neo-Latin (1530-1800) literature from Nordic countries.
Project Libellus
Free Latin and Greek texts with certain redistribution restrictions.
Thesaurus Precum Latinarum - Treasury of Latin Prayers
Latin prayers with English translations. Includes a guide to pronunciation of Ecclesiastical Latin.

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