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Easton Latin Online
Quizzes and teaching resources, audio Latin sources, links to online teaching materials, entry-level reading texts, pronunciation guides, and ways to contact and network with other Latin teachers.
Resources for Wheelock's Latin and for other Latin collaborative self-study groups.
Clodge Latin Course
A simple Latin course for beginners.
Gilbert Lawall - Classics
Information about Prof. Lawall's classes at the University of Massachusetts, as well as about the Ecce Romani series, the Ecce Romani Newsletter, the New England Latin Placement Service, CANE Instructional Materials, and the MAT Program in Latin and Classical Humanities.
Guide to Wheelock's Latin
A helpful set of explanations and exercises for students using the popular Wheelock introductory grammar book.
Internet Workbook for the Oxford Latin Course
An interactive workbook of exercises, drills, and review for learning Latin. Emphasizes reading and conversation as a way to learn the language but still covers grammar.
KET Distance Learning
Latin via the Internet with interactive activities and games. The actual lessons must be seen on satellite TV.
Latin in the Christian Trivium
A Biblically-based Latin program specifically geared toward the 8-18 year old Christian homeschooler. Fora, games, sample pages, and articles available on site.
Latin Resources
A collection of Latin links originally compiled for students taking Latin at the University of California at Sacramento.
Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University
Materials for all levels of Latin teaching and learning: acceleration readers, reading acceleration machine freeware, pedagogical reflections and related links.
Latina Lingua Aeterna
Site seeking to re-install Latin as a means of international communication. Includes translations, grammar reference. [Latin, English, Russian, Ukrainian]
Learning Latin Online
Offers practice in Latin vocabulary, sentence translation and reading.
Minimus Primary Latin
Minimus the mouse lives in Roman Britain in 100 AD. He introduces young children to Latin and Roman topics in a lighthearted way. The site promotes a new course; both are full of cartoons and activities. The site has information on grants and training offered to teachers. Latin Review
A review of grammar, scansion, and rhetorical devices. Also has an interactive quiz section.
Quia - Wheelock's Latin Vocabulary
Chapter by chapter exercises based on the vocabulary list found in Wheelock's Latin. Requires a Java-enabled browser.
Virtual MOO (Multiple User Dungeon - Object Oriented) and link list for study of Ancient Roman History and Latin language and literature. With notes for teachers for using these materials in classes.

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