Welsh is a Celtic member of the Proto-Indo-European language family spoken by over 20% of the population of Wales. Welsh is closely related to Cornish, known as Kernowek, Kernewek and Curnoack. The Welsh language subcategory is focused on the language itself - grammar and history. This category does not offer dictionaries. Rather, the user can use the @link to find Welsh dictionaries and/or language programs.

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Acen Welsh Learners' Resource
Information for learners, tutors and teachers about learning Welsh as a second language.
Catchphrase 2002
Audio clips and free language lessons to download, to be used in conjunction with a BBC radio programme of the same name.
Cymdeithas Madog
Cymdeithas Madog (Welsh Studies Institute in North America), based in Duvall, WA (USA), is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping North Americans learn, use and enjoy the Welsh language.
Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg
Welsh Language Society site and magazine, mostly in Welsh, but also with some material in English.
Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru - A Dictionary of the Welsh Language
The first standard historical dictionary of the Welsh language (prepared at the University of Wales). The site has information on the history of the project, statistics, bibliography, as well as a sample page and a list of publications. On 6/12/2001 the final draft entry for the Dictionary was made.
Database of Welsh language and Welsh interest books from the Welsh Books Council. Books can be ordered through the council for delivery from a bookstore of choice. Bilingual site (Welsh-English).
Gwybodiadur: A Welsh Informationary
Directory of information on resources for Welsh learners, including a listing of Welsh dictionaries on the web.
History and Status of the Welsh Language
Historical, political and cultural background of the Welsh language.
LLyfrgell Owen
An initiative which aims to collaboratively build an on-line library of Welsh-language texts.
National Language Centre for Wales
Full-time residential Welsh language teaching centre, based in Nant Gwrtheyrn (Wales). Course descriptions, frequently asked questions, accommodation and curriculum information. Bilingual site (Welsh-English).
Not Since School
A Welsh learner's diary and practice writing.

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