Listings of online resources for Torah Reading: ta'amim (cantillation marks or trope) for Torah, Haftarah; guidance.
Free 2 MB trial download [can be accessed 5 times] of the Bar Mitzvah Personal tutor for Torah and Haftarah cantillation: text is coloured, marked, with cursor.
Cantor Dubov
Torah Portions: website created by Cantor Dubov z"l, S. Florida. A-Z list of parshiot with verse by verse readings in Israeli pronunciation. Text appears alongside - without or without vowels (Tikkun format).
Cantor Stephanie Shore
Congregation B'nai Israel's cantor's three-year course in Torah cantillation, support site. To learn any parsha, browsers need to access all 3 levels. Each trope is read separately, not phrased; modern Hebrew pronunciation. Audio (zip) downloads for each verse or section (PC, I-pod). Verse tracks indexed sequentially, not by aliyah/title. Texts with and without vocalization (pdf).
Chant the Torah
Kol Tor's 10 minute flash demo introduces history, semantics, styles of Torah cantillation. Software offers encylopaedic resources on Trope, plus full professional cantorial recordings and support for Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Sephardi variations in readings; electronic Tikkun; block font, pointed Hebrew texts with coloured diacritics and English translation; interactive match-it games for younger students.
Chanting the Hebrew Bible
A good introduction or revision tool, offering Professor Eliezer Segal's simple online Torah and Haftarah trope guide (Ashkenazi pronunciation) with midi audio files, suitable for revision or beginners. Cantillation signs are grouped into columns of connecting, separating, or pausing "accents", and notes that stand alone.
Ellie's Trope Tutor
Ellie Ackerman's pioneering, trope-teaching website: offers Torah and Haftarah cantillation marks online, with real audio, also downloadable (as zip files; electronic sounding)and musical notation for all ta'amim. Website includes: rare notes; Eicha (Lamentations); Megillat Esther; High Holidays.
Hebrew Cantillation Marks and Their Encoding
Helmut Richter's tables of Hebrew cantillation marks, structure and syntax, purpose; explains the different usage in the Bible for disjunctive and conjunctive marks; provides charts for the diacritcs, as well as for Michigan-Clarement and Unicode values (some of which include the diacritics).
Jewish National Library, National Sound Archive: Digitization Project
Digitized recordings of Cantillation for Megillat Esther (Scroll of Esther) for the following rites: Alsace, France; Persian; Jerba, Tunisia; Yemenite; Oran, Algeria; Firenze, Italy; Sephardi - Jerusalem; Kurdistan; Izmir, Turkey. Streamed and downloadable mp3 files. Index in Hebrew.
Seven sets of common Torah cantillation groups or phrases, arranged in files with large Hebrew font. Interactive access to musical notation and sharp audio files, with transliterated Hebrew. Includes a system of hand signals for Torah reading as well as practice sheets and MP3 downloads.
Lev software
Free Interactive Hebrew Bible Explorer download with transliteration options; 5 uses free for software downloads - Hebrew Bible reading, cantillation, prayers.
Navigating the Bible II
ORT website. Online bar/bat mitzvah tutor in English, Spanish, Russian, or via CD-ROM. Designed for individual or tutored students, offers direct cantillation tutorials, tutorial by Parsha (weekly portion), discussion of themes and full Arye Kaplan commentaries. Haftarah trope also provided. Mouse-over text option.
Online Sefer Torah - Sefer HaTorah Hamekuvan
Hebrew only. Entire Sefer Torah in scanned form, with Megillot, for those who know how to read from the Torah. Reading/cantillation notes and variations for various parshiot (weekly portions). Additional articles on Torah reading.
Online Torah Reading
Beverly Hills Chabad offer full weekly and Shabbat portions for Torah Reading with parallel on-screen text versions (vocalized, marked Tikkun and unmarked), as well as audio files (Ashkenazi pronunciation). Also: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Megillat Esther readings.
Taamim (cantillation marks, trope), with dynamic large font text and audio recordings, for Torah reading in the Baghdadi and Spanish/Portuguese tradition; some special, some Yerushalmi (Jerusalem tradition) readings; some Maftir and Haftarot.
Torat Hashem Temima
The Moroccan tradition of Torah cantillation: significant sample readings in mp3 from Torah portions and some Haftarot, as well as Megillat Esther, Tehillim (Psalms), and other Hazzanut items. Complete versions for sale on CD. Hebrew only website.
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