There are many Arabic language schools for foreigners that use the web to advertise their courses. Some even offer online courses. Most Arabic schools are located in an Arab country.

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Al Diwan Arabic Foreign Language Teaching Center in Cairo
Offers modern standard fussha, Egyptian colloquial, Quranic recitation, literature, and calligraphy, based in Cairo, Egypt.
Arabeya Arabic Language Center
Provides intensive courses for all levels of Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Students may study in Cairo, Egypt or online.
Arabic Language Institute in Fez (ALIF)
This institute in Morocco offers courses in Modern Standard Arabic and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic.
Arabic Program at the University of Pennsylvania
Arabic language learning program, assisted by audio CDs.
The Arabic School of Morocco
Arabic language school in Rabat specifically geared to non-Arabic speakers from all over the world. Provides information on the school, the courses and the country.
The Arabic School of Portland
An Arabic immersion school based in Portland, Oregon, that teaches Arabic language, Islamic and Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science, using the Arabic language.
Offers online Arabic courses. Learning methods include live classroom, multimedia courses, interactive courses, written material and conversation.
British-Yemeni Arabic Institute
The institute, located in Sana'a, Yemen, offers courses in Arabic.
The Center for Language & Culture, Marrakech, Morocco
Offers English classes for the people of Marrakesh and Arabic classes for students from all over the world. Both languages are taught based on the Communicative Approach. Study abroad credit and homestays available.
Crystal Lingua Inc.
Offers customized, private Urdu/Arabic face-to-face lessons in Delhi.
DMG Arabophon
Offers courses in Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic, Tamazight (Berber), French, Spanish and English for students from all over the world.
Fajr Center for the Arabic Language
School in Cairo, Egypt, teaching classical Arabic to foreigners.
Gulf Arabic Program
The Gulf Arabic Program located in Al Ain (United Arab Emirates) provides Arabic language training to people planning to work in the Persian Gulf.
Ibn Jabal
Offers courses of Arabic in many locations in England.
Kalimat Language & Cultural Centre
This language school in Giza (near Cairo), Egypt, offers courses in both Modern Standard and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic; it also tailors courses for groups or individuals who are learning Arabic for special purposes.
Madinah-Arabic Language Course
Online Arabic lessons including writing, speaking, reading alphabet, Arabic translation, Arabic grammar, vocabulary, English-Arabic dictionary and phrases. Modern standard and classical Arabic.
Pacific Arabic Resources
Language school in San Francisco, California, offering private and group instruction in Modern Standard Arabic as well as in colloquial Egyptian, Gulf-Saudi, Iraqi, Lebanese, Moroccan, and Palestinian Arabic.
Qalam wa Lawh Center for Arabic Studies
Offers immersion-based courses in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA). Has intensive, summer, and semester abroad programs along with cultural electives. Based in Rabat, Morocco.
Qortoba Institute for Arabic Studies
The Institute is located in Alexandria, Egypt and specializes in teaching classical Arabic (Fus'ha) and slang to students from non-Arabic speaking countries by solely utilizing the Arabic language in the classroom.
Saifi Institute for Arabic Language
Specializes in teaching the Lebanese Arabic Dialect and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) to non-native speakers working, studying or visiting Beirut, Lebanon.
Subul Assalam Center for Arabic Language Fez Morocco
offers courses in Arabic Language, Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, Calligraphy, Quranc Arabic and Women Studies in Islam.
Toronto Shariah and Arabic Learning Program
Offers comprehensive full-time and part-time courses in classical Arabic aimed at English speakers, taught by western-born traditionally-trained scholars.
U-Can Skills Development Center: Arabic Language Institute
Offers language courses in colloquial, classical or survival Arabic. Includes details of courses and fees.
Yemen Institute for Arabic Language
Arabic school in Yemen offering a number of courses including modern standard Arabic, classical Arabic, Yemeni dialect, Arabic media, poetry and calligraphy.

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