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(Australia) Centre for Language Technology, Macquarie University
Research on Language Technology, with particular emphasis in practical applications in the short and medium term. Links to research projects and university courses.
(Australia) Melbourne University Language Technology Group
Research in statistical language modelling, language understanding, knowledge discovery, linguistic annotation, high performance computing, and digital language archiving.
(Austria) Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
"Research in modelling and processing human languages, especially for German. This includes constructing linguistic resources (such as lexicons, grammars, discourse models), processing algorithms (such as morphological components, parsers, generators, speech synthesizers, discourse processing components), and application prototypes (such as natural language interfaces, advisory systems and concept-to-speech systems)."
(Belarus) Intellexer at EffectiveSoft
Specialises on custom built search engines based on natural language processing.
(Belgium) Centre for Computational Linguistics
The main objective of the Centre for Computational Linguistics at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is to promote basic research in formal and computational linguistics, and the application of this research in natural language processing.
(Belgium) Centre for natural language processing
CENTAL is a Belgian research center specialized in Natural Language Processing. It is part of the University of Louvain (UCLouvain). Research approaches include corpus-based approaches to contrastive linguistics and digital language learning.
(Canada) Simon Fraser University Natural Language Laboratory
"Computers are used to understand the structure and meaning of "natural languages" such as English, French, and Spanish." Machine translation, computer-assisted language learning, information extraction, natural language interfaces. Publications online.
(Finland) Connexor
A company that specialises on parsing technology for various languages. On-line parser demos and limited documentation available.
(Finland) FiLT - Language Technology Documentation Centre in Finland
A association specialised on Finnish research on natural language processing. Links to research projects.
(Germany) DFKI Intelligent User Interfaces lab
DFKI's IUI lab produces complex research prototypes with novel user interfaces but also has its own information extraction, dialog processing, and multi-modal generation technologies. Located in Saarbrücken.
(Germany) DFKI Language Technology lab
Lab of the German DFKI research institute with several projects on language technology and NLP.
(Germany) Institute for Computational Linguistics and Phonetics at Saarland University
One of the first computational linguistics departments in Germany. Research topics include language technology, NL parsing, computational semantics, and computational and experimental psycholinguistics. The phonetics department specializes in speech synthesis (TTS, CTS). Closely collaborates with DFKI, which is also located on the Saarbrücken campus.
(Germany) Institute for Natural Language Processing (IMS) at Universität Stuttgart
Carries out basic and applied research in computational linguistics. Current working groups: Experimental Phonetics, Formal Logic and Philosophy of Language, ParGram (Grammar Development), and the Text Corpora and Lexicon Group.
(Greece) National Technical University of Athens - Natural Language Processing Lab
Research related to Greek language including linguistic knowledge representation, computational grammars, semantic WEB and terminology. The site is mainly in Greek, with an English page about the group members.
(Greece) NCSR "Demokritos", Software & Knowledge Engineering Laboratory
NCSR "DEMOKRITOS" is the biggest state-run research centre in Greece. The Software and Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL) at the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications of NCSR develops technologies that address the emerging problem of information overload exploiting techniques and tools from the areas of Language technology, Personalization, Knowledge discovery in data, Multimedia processing.
(Mexico) Natural Language Lab of the National Politechnic Institute
The homepage of the head of this lab. Links to nearly all products of the Lab. Areas of interest are computational syntax, semantics, anaphora resolution, lexical resources. The Lab organizes an annual international conf, see
(Netherlands) Information and Language Processing Systems group, Amsterdam
Formerly part of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), Maarten de Rijke's group is now part of the Informatics institute, still at the University of Amsterdam. Research within the ILPS group is aimed at intelligent information access, especially in the face of massive amounts of information. Addressing this task requires synergy between IR techniques, AI research, and language technology.
(Spain) UNED NLP Group, Madrid
Natural Language Group at the Spanish National Distance University (UNED). Research on natural language processing applied to information access, evaluation of information access systems, and acquisition and representation of lexical and grammatical knowledge.
(Spain) Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya's Natural Language Processing Research Group
Main research fields are related to the use of multilingual lexical resources, information extraction from documents, design of NL interfaces, basic NLP techniques (tagging, parsing, sense disambiguation), NL understanding and Knowledge Representation. Tools and demos available.
(Sweden) Human Language Technology group at KTH CSC and DSV
Performs research within all aspects of human language and computers. Research on spell and grammar checking, text filtering and categorisation, summarisation, text extraction, generation, and information retrieval. Some of the contents are in Swedish.
(UK) Centre for Computer Analysis of Language And Speech, University of Leeds
CCALAS is an "umbrella" linking researchers interested in computer analysis of language and speech at the University of Leeds.
(UK) Computational Linguistics UK
CLUK is Britain's special interest group for computational linguistics. News, organizational information, and general information on the British natural language processing research community.
(UK) HCRC - Human Communication Research Centre
An interdisciplinary research group at the University of Edinburgh with interests in dialogue, mechanisms of language processing, graphics and language, and technology.
(UK) ICCS - Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems
An institute at the University of Edinburgh that focuses on research on communication among humans and between humans and machines using text, speech, and graphics, and the design of interactive dialog systems.
(UK) Language Evolution and Computation homepage
A University of Edinburgh research unit. "Our research involves applying mathematical and computational modelling techniques to traditional issues in the evolution of communication and language, historical linguistics, and language typology." Site lists group members, online papers, software, and related links.
(UK) Natural Language Generation Group at the Open University
The NLG Group at the Open University is a research team focusing on Flexible Information Presentation, Conceptual Authoring and other approaches related to Natural Language Generation. The group is led by Donia Scott (formerly director of ITRI) and was established in mid-2005. Former research results of group members include WYSIWYM and RAGS.
(UK) University of Cambridge NLP Group
Research projects include ones on language processing resources and tools, logic and formalisms, natural language front ends, speech processing, automatic summarising, text and spoken message retrieval, natural language processing for formal specifications, and the acquisition of lexical knowledge and construction of multilingual lexical knowledge bases.
(UK) University of Essex CL Research Group
Group working on computational linguistics with a strong emphasis on constraint-based linguistics. Member pages and online papers.
(UK) University of Sheffield Information Retrieval Group
The primary research areas of the group include statistical information retrieval techniques, multimedia browsing and retrieval, and personal information management and retrieval.
(UK) University of Sheffield NLP Group
A very large group of NLP researchers headed by Yorick Wilks. Topics include architectures for NLP, NL Analysis (esp. IE), Dialogue, NLP Resources and Tools. GATE comes from here.
(USA) Cognitive Computation Group at UIUC
A research group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Developing natural language processing tools using Machine Learning theories.
(USA) Columbia Natural Language Processing Group
Pursues research in natural language generation, concept-to-speech generation, summarization of news, statistical language modeling and digital libraries. Info on their projects, people, publications, software tools, events.
(USA) Computational Psycholinguistics Research at CLIP
Descriptions of current projects and links to published papers. Covers the areas of syntactic disambiguation, selectional constraints and semantic similarity.
(USA) Conversational Interaction and Spoken Dialogue Research Group
A University of Rochester research group that investigates conversational interaction through the study of machine-human interaction. Program information, current projects, tools for corpus linguistics and discourse transcription, archive of downloadable papers.
(USA) Cornell Natural Language Processing Group
Information about people, projects, publications, datasets, and courses. Research on a range of areas.
(USA) CSLI Center for the Study of Information and Technology (CSLI)
An independent research center devoted to research in the emerging science of information, computing, and cognition. Founded by researchers from Stanford University, SRI International, and Xerox PARC.
(USA) Human Language Technology Research Institute
A University of Texas research group. Research in NLP and speech recognition and synthesis. Links to people, projects, publications.
(USA) Information Sciences Institute - Natural Language Group
This research group of the University of Southern California (USC/ISI) is currently involved in various aspects of computational linguistics/natural language processing.
(USA) Language Science Research Group, Washington University
Research in this group focuses on segmentation and language acquisition.
(USA) Machine Learning Research Group - UTCS
This research group "focuses on applying both empirical and knowledge-based learning techniques to natural language processing, text mining, recommender systems, inductive logic programming, knowledge and theory refinement, planning, and intelligent tutoring."
(USA) Natural Language Processing at the University of Pennsylvania
Home of the XTAG formalism and treebank, this Penn research group is led by venerable computational linguist Aravind Joshi.
(USA) SRI AI Center NLP Program
Information on their projects in multimedia/multimodal interfaces, spoken language systems, written language systems. Links to the projects, publications, staff.
(USA) Xerox Content Analysis
A team working on basic products for multilingual language analysis, providing current projects, demos, and an archive of publications. Includes an online demo guessing 47 languages.
Jena University Language & Information Engineering Lab
The Language and Information Engineering Lab at Jena University (JULIE Lab) was established in 2004 after the group moved from Freiburg University to Jena. The Lab's research focus is on automatic text analysis in the biomedical domain.
Language Computer Corporation
Privately-owned U.S. company committed to the development of next-generation natural language processing technologies including text processing, information extraction, question answering and summarization.
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