Academic programs in Europe offering degrees in computational linguistics.
Center for Computational Linguistics
A Czech research center at Charles University, Prague. Dedicated to research based on grammatical analysis of the Czech language corpus.
The Tuebingen-Sofia International CLaRK Graduate Programme provides a joint teaching and research facility wherein doctoral and master's students from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) pursue their researches in the interdisciplinary field of computational linguistics and knowledge representation.
European Masters Program in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT)
Information about an international distributed Master of Science course which is co-ordinated by Saarland University in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. It involves studying one year at one of the Universities in the consortium, and completing the second year with a stay in one of the partner Universities.
Lancaster University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language
Information on courses, events, and published works. Also features a web-based public course in corpus linguistics.
Language at Edinburgh
Opportunities for study BSc, MSc and PhD and research in Computational Linguistics, Speech and Natural Language Processing at The University of Edinburgh
Potsdam University, Department of Linguistics
Students can choose from three subject areas: grammar theory, computational linguistics, and psycho- / neurolinguistics. In computational linguistics, courses are offered on applications such as dialog processing, natural language generation, and statistical machine translation. Methods taught include unification grammars, corpus methods, and machine learning.
University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory
The Computer Laboratory offers an MPhil programme in Advanced Computer Science (ACS) including modules on computational linguistics, e.g. Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning for Language Processing, Lexical Semantics and Discourse Processing, Advanced Speech Technology, Deep Language Modelling, and Syntax and Semantics of Natural Language.
University of Groningen Humanities Computing
Alfa Informatica ("humanities computing") applies computational methods to the study of language, history, and culture, integrating theory, experiment, and practical application. (The Neherlands)
University of Heidelberg Department of Computational Linguistics
Undergraduate and graduate programs focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. Basic information, staff profiles, current projects.

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