The study of language through computerized corpora, or enormous samples of machine-readable text drawn from authentic language situations.

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British National Corpus
The BNC is balanced synchronic text corpus containing 100 million words annotated with parts of speech.
Centre for Corpus Research
At the University of Birmingham, England. Information on programmes, research and available resources.
Centre for English Corpus Linguistics
At the Catholic University of Leuven, this institute focuses on cross-linguistic corpora and learner corpora. Research, events, staff, publications.
Clitic climbing in electronic corpora
Thesis study by Kertes Gábor that analyses the phenomenon of clitic climbing or clitic promotion. [Parallel Spanish and English]
Corpus Linguistics
Online lessons intended to supplement the book by Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson. Introductory information on the field.
ELRA catalog of language resources
Various language resources and evaluation packages in the field of Human Language Technology (HLT) are available at ELRA (European Language Resources Association). Distribution is taken care of by ELRA's operational body: ELDA.
Hungarian National Corpus
More than 150 million Hungarian words, a model of Hungarian language of the 1990s. Free and extensive query system. [Hungarian, English]
LDC - Linguistic Data Consortium
The Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) creates, collects and distributes speech and text databases, annotated corpora, treebanks, lexicons and other linguistic resources for research, education and development.
Le Monde Diplomatique-Die Tageszeitung (LMD-TAZ) Parallel Corpus
A French-German parallel corpus consisting of articles from Le Monde Diplomatique and die Tageszeitung, manually aligned and part-of-speech tagged.
A Logical Approach to Computational Corpus Linguistics
A 1996 thesis by Torbjörn Lager. Abstract available, as well as full text in PostScript and PDF formats.
MRC Psycholinguistic Database
Web access to a large database of linguistic and psycholinguistic (but not semantic) data derived from a variety of sources.
National Corpus of Polish
The National Corpus of Polish is a publicly available, large, balanced and linguistically annotated corpus of polish.
Shallow Processing of Large Corpora Workshop 2003
Held at Lancaster University. Presented papers are available in PDF format.
SIGANN: ACL Special Interest Group for Annotation
A subgroup of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), this group is concerned with all aspects of linguistic annotation of language resources (linguistic corpora), especially the advancement of interoperability. Sponsors the annual Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW).
SIGWAC: ACL Special Interest Group on Web as Corpus
A subgroup of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) which promotes interest in the use of the Internet as a source of linguistic data, and as an object of study in its own right. Organizes the WAC workshops.
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