This category is for software which specializes in "non traditional" visualization of GIS data, which usually means 3D. In this context "traditional" visualization is cartography (maps) and 2d topographic display (lines and polygons) Which all GIS software can do.

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3D Graphical Map Viewer (g3DGVM)
A free 3D viewer for Digital Elevation Model (DEM ) and Digital Line Graphs (DLG ) maps. (free, with code) [linux, requires GTK+]
3D Nature LLC
World Construction Set and Visual Nature Studio are photorealistic modeling, rendering and animation of landscape elements. Foresters, Land Planners, Golf Course Architects, Cartographers, Natural Resource Managers and others rely on these software products. [Win32, PowerMac, DEC Alpha]
3D visualization software for GIS data
openGL 3D GIS data viewer with real time animation, zoom, and Fly-by capabilities. [Windows]
Applet for Choropleth Maps and Cartograms
A free Java applet for unclassed choropleth maps and cartograms (continuous area and circle). Data: .txt, geometry: .shp and other formats. Thematic generalization by a polygon filter.
Atoll Land Surface
Suite of 3D surface building and viewing programs designed for people with a CAD background.
Public works and utilities software designed for maintaining transportation and water systems.
ArcGIS and ArcView extensions providing decision support for planning and resource management. Software enables quantitative impact analysis and visualization of alternatives in 2D and 3D.
Digital Earth: TerraVision
Navigate in real time across terrabyte-sized distributed datasets from multiple servers across the Web, 3-D VRML and GeoVRML overlays, different size, resolution, and coordinate system are supported. (free, with code) [SGI, Linux, Windows; client-server architecture]
Digital Terrain Modeling and Mapping
Provides information about generating 3D digital terrain models and maps, free data and software. Several SDTS file conversion utilities available for download.
Software for viewing United States Geological Survey digital cartographic data in a variety of formats. (free, with code) [Win9x/NT/2k]
Dynamic Graphics, Inc.
Makers of EarthVision, a commercial 3D geospatial analysis and visualization package.
FAA Obstacle Evaluation Software
Analysis software for design of tall architectural structures compliant to aviation regulations.
Geospatial Explorer
3D Environmental Modeling Software, FIELDS (Fully Integrated Environmental Location Decision Support) 3D Viewer
Website of the official Web3D Consortium working group, with the goal of developing tools and recommended practice for the representation of geographical data using the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).
GISAR Project
Open source GIS visualization program to created 2D,3D dynamic models of real objects.
Golden Software
Offers Surfer and MapViewer software programs.
IDV Solutions
Provides web tools and custom web solutions that enable companies to visually render, analyze and manipulate data using intuitive maps and intelligent graphics.
Kashmir 3D
Generate photo-realistic images and movies of landscapes using Digital Elevation Model files from the United States Geological Survey and the Swiss Federal Office of Topography. [Win 95/98/NT]
Software for visualisation and analysis of continuous terrain surfaces.
Display and merge DEMs, satellite imagery, scanned maps, vector data and GIS databases from a variety formats. Supports multiple projections, file conversion (read and write) and 3D views. [Win9x/Me/NT/2k]
NetVis Module - Dynamic Visualization of Social Networks
The NetVis Module is an open source web-based tool for researchers to simulate, analyze, and visualize social networks using data from online surveys, imported csv files, and electronic discussion groups.
An open source library and reference application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data. Handles raster and vector data, 2d and 3d display, and other image processing tools. (free, with code) [Win32, Unix, SGI]
Software for engineering and building related to roads.
Rapid Imaging Software: LandForm
Realistic flight and terrain visualization with full 6 degrees of freedom of motion. Features simultaneous 3-D view and map views, and saving flights as movies or VRML files. [Windows]
Provides real-time data and visualization tools and solutions for mobile managers and organizational command and control.
A console program to retrieve USGS DEMs from online servers, get the corresponding texture from the U.S. Bureau of Census server and adapt the two data sources such that they fit together perfectly as elevation.tga and texture.tga.
3D viewer that allows user to interactively walk or fly on a surface defined by a DEM.
TruFlite's 3D World
3D landscape rendering system to create animations and high resolution images of landscapes. [Win3.x/95/NT]
Virtual Terrain Project
Promotes development of tools for constructing any part of the real world in interactive, 3D digital form. CAD, GIS, visual simulation, surveying and remote sensing. (free, with code) [win32, Unix]
3D visualization solutions, specialising in spatial database-enabled interactive virtual worlds that can be displayed in PCs, interactive outdoor panels, mobile phones and PDAs.
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