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Azteca Systems Cityworks
Producers of a GIS-based work management system for public works, utilities, state, and local government.
Best-Fit Computing, Inc.
Manufactures Columbus, a geodetic network design, analysis, coordinate transformation and adjustment software.
Computer mapping software for botanical gardens and similar institutions. It links plant records stored in the BG-BASE collections management database with an AutoCAD map.
Free GIS software for biodiversity mapping.
Byers SpatialAge Solutions
Geospatial software solutions for the utilities and telecommunications industries.
Cadcorp SIS
Website of Cadcorp. Developers of Cadcorp SIS - Spatial Information System, the integrated, Open GIS conformant suite of Windows based GIS software.
Caliper Corporation
Develops GIS, mapping software, web mapping software, and transportation planning software.
CARIS Geographic Information Systems
Supports raster, vector and dimensional data, cartography, map projections, topology and digital terrain modeling.
Carto World
Provides integrative mapping technology and consulting.
Free GIS software with own script language.
CMC International
Provides location intelligence, business intelligence and customer intelligence software solutions, services and products to small and large businesses.
DeedPro Software LLC
DeedPro provides functions for entering, storing, converting to GIS formats and plotting survey note information.
Provides dataset solutions and geographic information systems, practical mapping applications for business and government GIS projects.
Software used to support "Call Before You Dig" or "One-Call" guidelines for protecting underground utilities and operators, compatible with ESRI-based technology.
Digital Map Products
Provider of web-enabled spatial solutions for the spatial development, government, and real estate markets.
Site dedicated to the application of GIS in business. Provides one-stop shopping for software, data and services.
Eagle Globe Software
Provides 3D GIS world mapping software with GPS tracking to view, convert, digitize, edit and print vector, raster and elevation datasets with a free software download.
Providers of spatial information systems, products and services for the government, utilities, defence, security and transport sectors. Developers of MapLink Pro, MapRite, Cutlas and ChartLink.
Creators of Imagine software.
Offers free software, online mapping and GIS training, demos, data, product and service information, user scripts, and related information. Makers of ArcView, ArcGIS and ArcIMS.
Find Map
Location enabled applications and detailed map content for Windows Desktop, Linux Server and Cellular/Mobiles (SMS,WAP).
Free Geography Tools
Blog covering a wide range of free, or cheap, tools for handling geographic data, including GIS, GPS, Google Earth and Maps, neogeography and other free data resources.
Map projections program for Macintosh computers. Offers tools for creating and manipulating maps.
Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
GRASS GIS is an open source, free software with raster, vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality.
Image processing software for map production. Provider of DEM, Land Cover, and Orthoimages geographic databases.
Offers CD integrating US Census and demographic data with boundaries and mapping software.
GEOREF Systems Ltd.
Company provides various GIS software packages.
Developer of web based software for enterprise GIS including XMF Alerter, XMF Accelerator and XMF GroupMap.
GIS ObjectLand
Software processes data organized as geoinformation database (GDB). Basic GDB components are maps, themes, tables, queries, external databases, layouts, users, and styles.
Global Mapper
Mapping program that can display, convert, edit and print most image, elevation vector and datasets. Includes tutorials and a forum.
Grass GIS
Open source GIS raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality.
Software for desktop and Internet mapping, route finding, drive time, and e-business mapping systems.
Interactive cartography for decision-making support and data analysis, allowing users to create a report and graph for each of the territories on a map. In English and French.
Travel website and mobile phone application that lets users download free audio guides to their GPS enabled phone, track their travels and share their travel experiences with others.
Innovative Vector Storage, company focusing at geographic storing and streaming technology. The main product is the RAVE Geo vector database.
ImageSTOR Raster Database Manager
System for managing spatial raster databases in GIS systems.
Software developer in geographical information technology and fabrication of electronics maps.
InteliMap, Inc.
Provides electric and gas utility boundaries for mapping and data analysis, using Tactician software and the ABI database.
Intergraph Channel
Portal with mapping news, downloads, events, links, and resources about GeoMedia.
Intergraph Solutions
AM/FM/GIS solutions for the utilities industry, including communications, gas, pipeline, electric, and water/wastewater.
KGIS it is a GIS application for KDE. The objective of KGIS is be the base for the development of GIS applications in KDE.
GIS software consulting firm based in British Columbia, Canada providing web mapping services involving merging maps with data.
Software components for building situational awareness applications in aviation, defense and homeland security. The LuciadMap, LuciadFusion and LuciadATCPlayback products provide data fusion, advanced data analysis and graphical visualization.
An application to view, edit, and convert DEM and SDTS DEM files for the Mac OS.
Software for viewing, converting, and editing map data.
Map Maker
Tool to make maps. Includes documents, links, FAQs and online shop.
Large GIS software developer. Locate software, data, events, solutions, services, partners, alliances, and corporate information.
Tools, utilities, add-ins, and templates for Microsoft's MapPoint application.
Software specifically designed to present European geospatial data and maps.
MFworks by Thinkspace
Raster GIS with image processing and spatial analysis functions.
MicroImages, Inc.
Creator of TNTmips, an advanced professional GIS and geospatial data analysis package for Windows, Unix and Macintosh.
Open source geographic information system program written in Java, developed and maintained by a group of volunteers from around the world.
PCI Geomatics Group
Geomatica software for remote sensing, image interpretation, digital photogrammetry, GIS, cartography and data visualization.
Pitney Bowes Group
Provides location intelligence products that can pinpoint exact latitudes and longitudes and run calculations based on unique business needs. Includes details of products, applications and developer tools.
Pocket Systems Ltd.
Developer of PocketGIS, a GIS for Windows CE handheld computers.
Developed by Prithvitech. Also providing GIS setup and management, digitizing, hosting data on the internet, and a whole range of software development services.
Rhiza Labs
Developer of online mapping software for exploring, visualizing and sharing information on the web. Products include Rhiza Insight and Rhiza Folio.
SchoolVision Software
Offers a K-12 school district GIS planning tool.
Seabed Mapping International Ltd
Provides bathymetry of the world's ocean floors to the international fishing industry. Delivers paper or digital charts for anywhere on the planet.
Sivan Design
Offers tailor made GIS solutions integrated with ERP capabilities, 3D simulation tools and civil engineering CAD products.
Softelec VPmap
Program converts raster maps into vector-based maps, utilize intelligent attribute determination functions, and add individual attributes.
SuperMap GIS Technologies, Inc.
Makers of software for stand alone operation, networked collaboration, handheld display, surveying, and form based data entry.
Providers of Digital orthophotography, aerial photography, topographic mapping, planimetric mapping and data conversion services for municipal, county, state, and federal government and civil engineers.
Comprehensive GIS development toolkit with 2000+ functions and properties, GIS internet server, and aerial imagery rectification software.
Statistical analysis software for environmental and public health decision making.
Extensible multiplatform geographic data viewer (free, with code).
TOPOtoIMAGE mapping software
TOPOtoIMAGE is software for Macintosh computers that creates color and shaded relief images of the Earth's surface from digital elevation databases.
Open source desktop GIS tool built with Eclipse Rich Client technology.
VDS Technologies
Offers Internet/intranet GIS and mapping components for Web developers.
Vianova Systems AS
Novapoint tools for surveyors in civil engineering of infrastructure and landscape design. Overview of products and profile of company based in Sandvika, Norway.
WinQuery for WinGIS
Offers a powerful way of linking any relational database to WinGIS 2000. Connects to multi-user databases like SqlServer, Oracle, SQLBase, Sybase, Interbase, MySQL.

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