Alsea Geospatial, Inc.
GIS consulting firm providing complete GIS solutions to a broad range of clients. Services include spatial analysis and cartography, Internet mapping server development, data management, and individualized training.
Applied Analysis Inc.
Provides airborne and satellite imagery-assisted environmental reconnaissance and assessment products.
Applied Data Consultants
Full-service geographic information systems firm providing applications development, data and mapping services and consulting.
Ascent GIS
Consulting company which also resells various software and data products.
BALIZ Geospatial Consulting
Geospatial industry analyst based in Qu├ębec, Canada, providing guidance and recommendations on business applications and technologies. In English and French.
Base Point Technology
Consulting firm that specializes in application development in GIS.
Benchmark GIS
GIS consultation, ArcView application development and training.
Bluegrass, Inc.
Provider of professional GIS implementation services, equipping clients with the necessary GIS technical resources to successfully analyze, design, implement, manage, and operate their GIS.
Bolsting Consulting Ltd.
Provides services for GIS analysis and training, printing services, data capture and map production.
GIS consultants specializing in census tract and custom maps, redistricting, geocoding, digitizing, spatial databases and related software.
Cadapult Software Solutions, Inc.
Provides training, consulting services, and products to the civil/survey/GIS industry with a focus on the products form Autodesk and Infrasoft.
Can-Am Geomatics Corp.
Provides consulting services in land surveying, engineering, mapping and geomatics.
CMC Government Services, Inc.
Provides federal, state and local governments and authorized government contractors specialized GIS mapping and analysis software and hardware products.
Coastal Resource Mapping Ltd.
An environmental mapping consulting company that provides effective GIS solutions to a variety of industries.
The Constantine Group, Subsurface Utility Engineering
Provides a suite of mapping and GIS services which include surface and buried assets.
Crowsey, Inc.
Company offers various GIS and remote sensing services and products.
d.e. Mapping Ltd
Provides geomatic related consulting and services to oil and gas companies, survey, environmental and engineering firms. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Data Development Group
DDG provides GIS data development services to municipalities and other clients, as well as GIS application services to all users of public data and information.
Digital Data Services, Inc
A geospatial firm that specializes in everything from scanning and printing to GIS and custom mapping services.
Digital Mapping Services, L.P.
GIS mapping services, software and hardware sales, GIS training.
Offers full color development maps displaying all future residential development projects in the Sacramento region.
DMTI Spatial
Spatial solutions by DMTI Spatial. Provider of digital mapping data, location based data, geocoding, routing and GIS software.
Earth Analytic
GIS and GPS consulting services for various industries. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
EI Technologies, LLC
GIS consulting firm based in Parker, Colorado.
ESRI Business Information Solutions
Company provides the data, demographics, desktop software, segmentation, online reports, mapping, and marketing analysis to many industries, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.
Farallon Geographics
Company from San Francisco offers GIS consulting, strategic planning, integration, software sales and training.
FieldTRAKS Solutions, Inc.
Provides GIS web-based spatial information data collection and reporting systems with a focus on agriculture record keeping and pipeline integrity management.
Forte Consulting Ltd
Provides specialized consulting services in geospatial information management, data warehousing and systems integration. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Frank Springer and Associates, Inc.
Offers environmental consulting services including environmental assessments and investigations, water quality monitoring, regulatory compliance reporting, waste reduction and recycling studies, pollution prevention, erosion prevention, localized hazard mitigation and emergency response planning.
Futurity, Inc
A GIS and remote sensing analysis firm focusing on land and resource planning.
Gardner Consultants
A public works engineering firm based in Washington that offers AM, FM and GIS consulting services.
Geo Urbanomics
GIS consultants located in California, specialising in digitizing and generating custom maps, spatial analysis, goeographic modeling and customization.
GeoAnalytics, Inc.
Software products and consulting in geographic and land information systems.
Develops software that leverages the power of maps and geospatial technology to provide clients with tools to visualize, analyze and use their data to make more informed decisions.
GeoGlobal Systems
Provides consultancy services and a suite of GIS and data related services to private and public organizations worldwide.
Develop software and web-based solutions for facility management, transportation, networks and municipalities. Powerful customized tools, based on Autodesk Map and Autodesk MapGuide, allowing the on line editing and creation of graphic and alphanumeric data through Internet.
GeoNet Technologies Inc.
Located in Prince Edward Island, provides geographic information production and consulting services with global support capabilities.
GeoSolutions Consulting Inc.
Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions, systems, consulting, training and support.
GeoVantage Inc.
Aerial imagery and photography of agriculture, highway, forestry and environmental areas.
Consulting firm specializing in offering location-based GIS services.
GIS Map Digitizing Services
GeoVect specializes in the conversion of hard copy maps into digital data for your GIS
GIS Services
Specializes in ArcView GIS training and provides commodities, services and training for implementing and integrating solutions with GIS, GPS, AVL, internet mapping and satellite imagery.
GIS Workshop, Inc.
Provides a full suite of GIS services, from data creation to custom programming, final system implementation and user training.
Global Positions, LLC.
A research company specializing in GIS and mapping.
Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association
Promotes and shares best practices for (geo)spatial data access, standardization, and use (web services, interoperability, intellectual property rights, inter-instiutional coordination).
GreenInfo Network
Public interest GIS for U.S. conservation/environmental, social service, public health organizations and government agencies. Produce communication and analysis products with samples on the site.
Highland Mapping
GIS consulting and custom mapping firm based in Foscoe, North Carolina. They do custom cartographic products and utilize GIS technology.
HR GISolutions
HR GISolutions is a GIS company located in Victoria B.C. Canada. Arc/Info Microstation CAD Conversion Plotting
iBegin Geocoder
Offers forward and reverse geocoding for US and Canada. Free to non-commercial customers.
IDSi - Intelligent GIS Solutions
IDSi provides GIS services for Counties and Municipalities. Key services include Web Enabling GIS, Custom Application Development, Migration into ArcGIS platform, Data Conversion and GIS Consulting.
Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure
Provides geospatial services to the defense and intelligence, public safety and security, government, transportation, photogrammetry, utilities and communications industries.
Intermap (PTY) Ltd
Company offers web maps, spatial information and project managers, eMap and eTrack.
James W. Sewall Company
Provides comprehensive services in geographic information management for government, utilities, and natural resource industries.
Juniper GIS Services, Inc.
Offers GIS training, consulting in ESRI software, and technical services. Provides class descriptions, schedule, training programs, services and links. Bend, Oregon.
The Kenerson Group
Customized GIS solutions for the Green Industries (Utilities, and Foresters).
Kingbird Software, LLC
Developer of GIS software for the areas of conservation, biology, ecology, forestry, agriculture, wildfire management and ecosystem management.
Latitude Geographics Group Ltd.
A Victoria, B.C. firm providing Internet mapping (Geocortex) and GIS services.
Business intelligence and data visualization company focused on providing enterprise class spatial solutions and services.
Location Age
Geographic information and technology company that helps organizations deploy GIS and GPS systems and integrate them with other business systems.
Map It Out, Inc.
Specialists in the development of web-based and mobile GIS business systems using technologies including ArcGIS Server and OpenLayers. Winnipeg, Canada.
Map Your World
Providing services ranging from single custom paper maps to digital maps with training and support for using the GIS database.
Environmental and sociodemographic data retrieval, research, mapping, and analysis.
Mapping and Planning Services of Carolina
GIS mapping and consulting service based between Raleigh and Fayetteville in North Carolina, USA. Provides a company profile, details of services and some case studies.
Mapping Planning Services
Rhode Island woman-owned business providing GIS mapping services.
Provides popular opensource GIS application and framework hosting.
Marshall and Associates, Inc.
Offers GIS consulting Services including remote sensing, application design, database design, ESRI authorized resaler, custom ArcIMS applications, SDE integration, data conversions space imaging, ESRI, AirZip and LizardTech.
Meridian Mapping Ltd.
Located in Nanaimo BC, provides a diverse range of GPS and digital mapping services.
Minto Spatial Solutions Ltd.
Provides GIS design and development services using Smallworld technology.
Mitchell Geographics Incorporated GIS Services
GIS services for improved information management and decision support systems.
Moxi Media
GIS and web application design and consulting services. ArcIMS internet mapping site development and custom products to support server-side Java web maps. Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
MRF Geosystems Corporation
Specializes in GIS software development, web-based GIS applications development, data conversion, and GIS consulting services.
MSAG Data Consultants, Inc.
Specializes in towns, counties and municipalities across the United States.
National ParcelMap Data Portal
Data portal for learning about and acquiring parcel maps from US jurisdictions. Each digital map is in a uniform projection. Free software and consulting is available to help with your project.
Offers GIS technology and geospatial data services in a variety of data products and consulting services.
North Line GIS
Firm located in Summit County, Colorado, USA offering GIS services including custom mapping, consulting, database design and development.
Northern Geomantics
A full-service GIS consulting firm specializing in desktop and Internet/Intranet system design and application development.
Olympus Aerial Surveys
Olympus has been providing aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping services to engineering companies, mining industry, municipalities, state and federal agencies since 1965.
OneMap, Ltd.
An exclusive partner of IHS providing an industry source for surface ownership datasets used in GIS-based decision support processes and tools.
Open Geospatial Consortium
Industry consortium aimed at growing interoperability for technologies involving spatial information and location. Current specifications, programs, events, and members-area.
Pacific GeoTech Systems
Cost-effective GIS/Mapping services and enterprise solutions. Services and products relate to web map publishing, application development and data translation/conversion.
Pangaea Information Technologies
Offers services in environmental science and infrastructure management through the use of remote sensing, GIS, data visualization, and related techniques. Includes descriptions of past projects.
Company providing GIS consulting services in ecological analytics, GIS design and application development to governments, non-profits and private businesses.
Pintech Corporation
Engineering, digital mapping, and design company that specializes in creating maps for the cable, telecommunications and data entry industries.
Pointmap Incorporated
Provides GIS and CAD services. Digitizing, mapping, ArcIMS, custom Avenue and interface development.
Potomac Aerial Surveys, Inc.
Offers custom aerial surveying services, digital topographic mapping, aerial photography, photo enlargements, ortho imagery, planning, cost analysis and implementation.
Designs and develops information systems focused on geodemographic resources.
Sanborn Mapping Services
One of the largest airborne sensing and mapping companies in America, with LIDAR, analog and digital camera, and full photogrammetric services.
SDS Inc.
Provides software for automating property data management in assessment offices. Parcel mapping, GIS/CAMA integration, COGO construction, GIS conversion, data brokerage, and training services.
SEKHOL Technologies
Custom-developed software for Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Creation of digital maps from satellite/aerial images.
Sentry Dynamics
A company and website created to increase availability of GIS, Remote Sensing, Geographic data while offering value added products, ArcView software training and consulting to the GIS community.
The Sidwell Company
Digital orthophotography, aerial photography, GIS, GIS web design and hosting, digital parcel mapping, planimetric and topographic mapping, data conversion, ESRI Authorized Developer
SimWright, Inc.
GIS research, software development and image processing firm. Company provides tools and services for data production management and implementation.
Sites USA
Company provides mapping and demographic reporting software and demographic, merchant, road and segmentation data to a variety of industries including commercial real estate.
SKE, Inc.
Consulting about publishing and GIS information sharing.
Spatial Data Consultants, Inc.
Photogrammetric and remote sensing firm specializing in aerial photography, satellite imagery and remote sensing plateforms for gathering geo-spatial information.
Volunteer based website supporting the spatial needs of the world through a global directory of interested professionals and other GIS tools.
Stopwatch Maps
Provides GIS data and software development for specialized applications.
Consultants in Location Based Services and Geographic Information.
Terra Solutions
GIS consulting company based in San Luis Obispo, CA.
Consulting firm providing GIS-based decision support for land use and natural resource planners and developers, specializing in spatial analysis and 3D visualization.
Provider of desktop and web mapping products and solutions, MapInfo Strategic Partner operating an Authorized Training Center in San Francisco and provide software, training, application development and mapping services.
A company that specializes in the creation of custom geographic visual simulation databases. Offers consulting, programming and database management services.
Thomas Computing
Provides MapInfo consulting services.
Thompson Mapping Systems, Inc
Company offers computer mapping, GIS and automated land use planning.
Tri-Global Technologies, LLC
Provides purchasing, leasing, and rental options for GPS and GIS end users, in addition to, supplying manpower and solutions to assist in ground data accumulation.
Utility Sciences
Specializes in GIS services and GPS field collection for electric, water, and gas utilities.
GIS consulting firm located in New Brunswick, NJ.
Walden Associates
Builds GIS databases out of environmental data for litigation support and regulatory compliance.
Zekiah Technologies, Inc.
A small, woman-owned technical services firm based in Southern Maryland specializing in software development and GIS integration for government and commercial clients.
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