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2000 National Geographic Bee @
Ten of the nation's top geography students squared off against each other in a contest, vying for the top prize of a $25,000 college scholarship. This event was hosted by Jeopardy's Alex Trabek.
Africa Map Puzzle
Requires Windows 3.1, 95 or 98. Free download.
Alaska Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development
Resources and curriculum - history of Alaska Native education, ANCSA, reindeer herding, and Inupiaq language materials.
Canadian Geographic
Online version of the popular magazine.
Drive Around the World: Education Site
Lesson plans about culture and understanding how United States citizens fit in the global universe. Based on the road trip, which was created to raise funds to help cure Parkinson's disease.
Geography at Formby High School
Home page for the Geography Department. Includes class information and geography links for students.
GeoNet - Geographical Resources
Includes downloadable teacher resources, Key Stage 3 and GCSE helps, case studies, and links.
Online geography game for students grades 4 and above; includes teachers' guide.
Aims to provide a wide range of catalogued and tested links for Geography students at Keystage 3, GCSE and 'A' Level. It also has a new Virtual Fieldwork section.
Let's Study Ancient Egypt
Multi-sensory lesson plans for studying the geography, culture, pharaohs, pyramids, and religions of ancient Egypt. Build your own pyramid! Links and additional resources included.
Mapping The World By Heart
Maps and information. K-12 curriculum for geography education, and a consulting practice.
Middle East Map Puzzle
A free map puzzle download for learning the locations of the countries and capitals of the Middle East. Requires Windows 95, 98 or 3.1.
The National Center for Geographic Information Analysis Core Curriculum
A guideline for a university level course in GIS. Introduces the reader to GIS, then teaches GIS theory and concepts.
Native American Technology and Art
Focuses on the Native American tribes of the Eastern Woodlands and their use of assorted natural materials. Includes essays and articles on western and eastern tribal customs and activities.
The Odyssey: Teacher Zone
The Educational Program of The Odyssey: World Trek for Service and Education is an around-the-world adventure in education, communication, and social change.
Owl and Mouse Educational Software: Maps that Teach
Learn US and world geography with interactive maps. Requires Windows 95, 98 or 3.1.
Poland in the Classroom
Extensive learning materials and information on Polish history, culture, important figures and legends. Useful for both educators and individuals researching Poland.
Quia! Class Page
Large collection of online games and activities created by a teacher for geography studies.
State Unit Studies
Help children learn the geography of the United States and learn factual information about every state. Complete the units and create a United States notebook.
U.S. Department of Education
A plethora of links to sites on how to help a young child learn geography.
U.S. State Capitals
Offers online activities to practice memorization of state capitals using flashcards, matching, concentration and word searches.
World Features Map Puzzle
Interactive map for students to learn the locations and geographic significance of the major physical features of the world, from the Andes to the Great Barrier Reef. Requires Windows 3.1, 95 or 98.
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