Most governments have an equivalent to an office of national statistics, that gathers economic (and sometimes other) data from that jurisdiction. This category lists official and semi-official statistics offices.

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Eurostat - Statistical Office of the European Commission
Provides detailed statistics on the EU and candidate countries, along with various statistical publications. [English/French/German]
Albania - Institute of Statistics
Produces economic and social indicators and statistics, with latest data releases highlighted. Also describes organizational structure and lists publications. [Albanian/English]
Austria - Statistics Austria
Economic, demographic, and social data. Some contents in English, complete information in German.
Basque Statistical Office
With statistics on the economy, population and the environment.
Belarus - Ministry of Statistics and Analysis
Features a table of main socio-economic indicators of the Republic of Belarus for 2001 and 2002. [English/Russian]
Belgium - National Institute of Statistics
A division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Official statistical site for Belgium. Information on unemployment, consumer prices and labour information. Also includes wage data. [German/Dutch/French/English]
Bulgaria - National Statistical Institute
Contains info on population, labour, energy, industry, crops, livestock, trade, transport, and health services.
Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Statistical yearbooks, demographic and agricultural census data, and release schedule for economic data. [English/Croatian]
Czech Statistical Office
Includes Macro-economic, trade, consumer prices and industry data. Some of the information is available for 2001. [English/Czech]
Denmark - Statistics Denmark
Provides economic and macro-economic data including county-level information. [English/Danish]
Estonia - Statistical Office of Estonia
Also contains pre-War data for all the Baltic states. [English/Estonian]
European Central Bank Statistics
Official European economical statistics.
Finland - Statistics Finland
Comprehensive information including, consumer prices, finance, income, private consumption, trade and the environment. [English/Finnish/Swedish]
Germany - Federal Statistical Office Germany
Provides detailed and up to date economic statistics, as well as macro-economic and social information. [English/German]
Greece - National Statistical Service
Highlights recent releases, with publication schedule of economic and demographic data. [English/Greek]
Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Provides up to date economic and financial statistics as well as socio-economic information. [English/Hungarian]
Iceland - Statistics Iceland
Key figures, agency structure, details of available data, and links to related sites. [English/Icelandic]
Ireland - Central Statistics Office
Government body responsible for compiling Irish official statistics. Provides data and information on methodology. Also available in Irish.
Italy - National Statistical Institute
Istituto Nazionale di Statistica, with some economic and social data in English, and more detailed information in Italian. Describes services and products available, as well as research projects and internal quality controls.
Latvia - Central Statistical Bureau
Highlights key statistics and indicators, with recent releases and detailed demographic sets. [English/Latvian]
Lithuanian Department of Statistics
Census and economic data, with new releases and free publications highlighted. [English/Lithuanian]
Luxembourg - STATEC
Describes processes of collecting information, and lists available data resources, including demographics and quarterly economics. Complete information in French, some data in German and in English.
Macedonia State Statistical Office
Economic as well as demographic data, with information on release schedule, past publications, and agency organization. [English/Macedonian]
Malta - National Statistics Office
With demographic and economic information.
National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies
INSEE and official statistics of France. Also offers information on a range of themed topics, as well as databases and publications.
Netherlands - Statistics Netherlands
Press releases and key statistical and population data. [English/Dutch]
Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
Provides basic economic and demographic information for Northern Ireland. The agency also maintains the civil registry.
Norway - Statistics Norway
Economic and demographic data, with release schedule, publications, and information on organization structure. [English/Norway]
Poland - Central Statistical Office
Polska Statystyka Publiczna, with current information on a range of Polish economic and social statistics. [English/Polish]
Portugal - National Institute of Statistics
Instituto Nacional de Estatistica, with some economic and social statistics in English, and more in Portuguese.
Russia - Federal State Statistics Service
Goskomstat, with some agricultural, industrial and financial statistics. [English/Russian]
Slovakia - Statistical Office
With data on economic development, population, housing, and the farm census. [English/Slovakian]
Slovenia - Statistical Office
Statistical yearbook, census and economic data, and description of mineral and natural resources. [English/Slovenian]
Spain - National Statistics Institute
Instituto Nacional de Estadística, including detailed statistical tables and general publications such as "Spain in figures".
Sweden - Statistics Sweden
With more content in Swedish.
Swiss Statistics
Detailed statistics and profiles from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.
Ukraine - The State Committee of Statistics
Highlights of recent releases, agency structure, and listing of publications and custom services. [English/Ukrainian/Russian]
United Kingdom - HM Customs and Excise
Trade Information Service, with data tables in Excel format.
United Kingdom - Incomes Data Services
With extensive data on UK pay settlements.
United Kingdom - National Statistics
Data on economy, population and society at national and local level. Summaries and detailed data releases are published free of charge.
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