Most governments have an equivalent to an office of national statistics, that gathers economic (and sometimes other) data from that jurisdiction. This category lists official and semi-official statistics offices.

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Hong Kong - Census and Statistics Department
Includes short articles on the basics of official statistics.
India - Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Describes the work of the ministry, and the status of development and industrial programmes.
Indonesia - Badan Pusat Statistik
Statistics Indonesia is a non-departmental government institution directly responsible to the President.
Japanese Statistics Bureau and Statistics Centre
Includes economic and general information such as retail and consumer prices and family income and expenditure data. [English/Japanese]
Kazakhstan - Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Provides information about the statistical series available to subscribers. [English/Russian/Kazakh]
Korea - National Statistical Office
Regularly updated with Korean economic information.
Macau - Statistics and Census Service
A department of the Public Administration of Macau, in charge of the orientation, co-ordination, execution and control of the statistical activities in Macao.
Malaysia - Department of Statistics
Detailed information on GDP, consumer and producer prices, trade and industry.
National Statistical Service of the Republic of Armenia
Collects and analyzes demographic and economic information, as well as setting standards for business and commercial data. Lists publications and provides summary data for recent years. [English/Armenian/Russian]
Philippine National Statistical Coordination Board
Philippines' policy making and coordinating body on statistical matters.
Singapore Department of Statistics
Provides a range of detailed economic, financial and socio-economic indicators.
Sri Lanka - Department of Census Statistics
Provides basic economic and socio-economic data, although it is dated (1995).
Taiwan: Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics
Economic statistics, and national budgets. [English/Chinese]
Thailand - National Statistical Office
Statistical site providing economic, agriculture, industry and socio-economic data.
Vietnam: General Statistics Office
Economic indicators, demographics, databases, and description of methodology. [English/Vietnamese]
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