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APEC Competition Policy and Law Database
Provides a listing and description of competition and antitrust laws and policies in effect in APEC countries. Information includes regulatory decisions, past cases, related statistical data, and discussion of antitrust issues.
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Agency in charge of merger approval and regulation of anti-competitive behavior. Regulations and decisions, recent speeches, and research reports. Also, detailed industry analysis is presented for airports, transportation, energy, and telecommunications.
Competition - QuickLinks
A listing of links to current news stories and current events in competition law and policy. Updated daily.
The Economics of Networks
Nicholas Economides' site dedicated to network economics, the Microsoft case, telecommunications policy and related subjects. Has an extensive list of links to research papers.
Industrial Organization of Information Technology
Site maintained by Arun Sundararajan on the industrial organization of IT (information technology) industries, and the economics of digital goods. Features summaries of key topics and links to recent research papers.
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
Recently established academic journal with a rapidly growing audience and reputation. Focuses on research the competitive strategies of managers and the organizational structure of firms.
Journal of Industrial Economics
Highly-rated academic journal which publishes new research in industrial organization, with a recent focus on empirical studies.
Luis Cabral's Industrial Organization links
Links to some leading journals, textbooks, research centers and data sources and the web sites of introductory industrial organization courses. Useful for industrial organization professors and graduate students.
NBER Industrial Organization Program
The main programs of industrial organization research by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the nation's leading nonprofit economic research organization. Includes a link to the listing of researchers affiliated with the industrial organization program and a link to related NBER working papers.
South African Competition Commission
Text of regulatory acts, brief history of the Commission, and research publications.
U.S. Department of Justice: Antitrust Division
Official home page with public documents, antitrust case filing and updates
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