Individual economists who offer consulting services in various specialisations, eg policy analysis. (Firms which offer such services are listed in Science: Social Sciences: Economics: Forecasting and Consulting.)

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Ajupa Online
Provides economic and information consulting services to clients in the Caribbean and the United States. Areas of expertise: privatization; public utilities; trade and finance; tourism; institutional strengthening.
Alfred Gobar Associates
Based in California, providing market research and analysis for real estate development and analysis.
American Economics Group, Inc.
Offering project consulting and standard economic products and services
Anne Wenzel
Applied economics research and business writing.
Burton and Associates
Offers financial consulting services to utility companies and public sector agencies, using technology tools and proprietary live interactive process. Includes details of services and case studies.
Chmura Economics and Analytics
A consulting firm specializing in forecasting interest rates, national activity, and regional economic growth as well as a broad range of statistical and econometric applications.
Cobin, John
Libertarian economic consultant and lecturer's home site with curricula vitae, papers, and class information.
Cornerstone Research
Provides economic and financial consulting and expert testimony to attorneys in complex business litigation.
Company based in Auckland, New Zealand, specializing in research, forecasting and public policy. Provides description of services and examples of some projects undertaken.
Curtain, Richard
Specializes in public analysis and labour market economics. Provides research studies and articles.
Desguin, Claude-√Čric
Freelance consultant advising on public finance, information systems, budget, debt management and human resources.
Ecofin Switzerland
This group performs consultancy services and implements projects in risk management and portfolio management, credit risk management, data modelling and financial information.
Economic Insight, Inc.
based in Portland, Oregon, provides analytical support particularly to the oil and gas industries.
EconOne Research Inc.
Litigation and general business consulting with a focus on economics.
Economic consulting firm based in North-West USA working in economics, finance, planning and policy evaluation.
Epstein, Roy J.
Economic analysis for complex litigation, including merger analysis and IP litigation.
Impact DataSource
Economic consulting, research and analysis for economic developers, home building associations and homebuilders. Economic impact analysis, fiscal impact analysis and cost-benefit analysis. Economic and fiscal impact computer programs, feasibility studies and economic development strategic plans.
Infonomics Limited
Provides economic consultancy and information services to public, private and social sectors.
John Galt Solutions, Inc
providing cost effective business forecasting and demand planning solutions.
Kapur, Kajal B.
Economics consulting firm specializes in electric and gas utility restructuring issues. Provides litigation support and expert witness services.
Key Economics Pty Ltd
Based in Melbourne Australia, this consulting firm offers economic reviews, energy analysis and modeling, business and statistical databases, and training materials
Kilpatrick, Henry E.
Consulting qualifications, publications and a few working papers.
Locker Associates, Inc.
Economic consulting firm that specializes in buyouts, corporate feasibility studies, developing business plans and performing due diligence, often coinciding with efforts to restructure facilities.
Market Analysis Ltd
An economics consulting group based in Oxford and London specialising in competition policy, regulation and auction design. Draws on the expertise of leading academic economists.
Mosesov, Alexander
Economic consultant based in Halifax, Canada. Focus on countries from the former Soviet Union.
Nathan Associates, Incorporated
This consulting firm believes competition, innovation, and reward are the economic forces of life, and applies economic principles to problems for clients.
Northern Economics Inc
Alaska-based economic consulting firm whose purpose is to help society benefit through informed decisions.
RBA Consultants
Specializes in the design and implementation of management decision support systems to the energy industry, and state and federal government agencies involved with energy, transportation and the environment.
Richardson, Ruth
New Zealand's former Minister of Finance provides economic policy advice, offers consultancy to international and private institutions and sovereign governments.
Roselieb, Frank
Focuses on crisis and risk management, early warning systems, multinational corporations and virtual competence center.
Tavakoli Structured Finance, Inc.
Consulting services, education, and expert witness testimony in structured finance: collateralized debt obligations, credit derivatives, special purpose entities, corporate finance, traditional derivatives, and securities.
Trends Business Research
Economic consultancy specialising in cluster mapping, cluster development and SME project work. Recent public and private sector business research projects are described on the website.
Urban Economics
Economic and market research consultants, based in Brisbane, Australia, providing specialist advice to the retail, residential, industrial, commercial office and tourist and hospitality sectors
Valdelin, Jan
Advisor in international development cooperation. Publications, assignments and CV.
Wall Communications Inc.
Economics consulting firm specializing in telecommunications, broadcasting, film and television production, new media, copyright, intellectual property and competition policy.
Wilkofsky Gruen Associates Inc.
consultancy based in New York providing market research and forecasting services for the media, entertainment and telecommunications industries.
WTRG Economics
Offering oil and gas consulting and analysis services including price, exploration activity, industry analysis, forecasting and data services and litigation support.
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