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The category deals with information concerning forecasting and economic consulting services performed and/or available through firms providing professional economic services.

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ACIL Allen Consulting
consultants in the areas of economic analysis, infrastructure and reform throughout Australasia and South East Asia.
Advanced Analytical Consulting Group
Provides economic analysis, expert witnesses, and management consulting. Information on senior staff and affiliates.
Analysis Group
Provides economic and financial analysis for complex litigation, regulatory proceedings and corporate strategic planning.
Applied Forecasting
Sponsored website aiming to provide information resources for professional forecasters; contains some useful current events, conferences and pointers to recent publications. Free registration required however to access some information which may increase sponsors marketing database.
Cambridge Economic Policy Associates
an economic and financial policy advisory business that advises governments on the role of the private sector in public policy.
Case Associates
Based in the UK, this firm provides economic analysis in competition and regulatory matters and legal proceedings. Site provides access to short notes on current issues encountered by the firm.
Economic consulting practice operating in Europe and the Asia Pacific. Provides economic consulting services, specialising in competition, regulatory and damages matters.
The Challenge Forum
London based resource for strategic and scenario planning. Site contains scenarios prepared in 2003 out to 2025 and useful links to a wide range of future-oriented organizations.
Columbia Pacific Consulting
Economists providing litigation support services to the Canadian legal community.
Compass Lexecon
Based in the US, provides its law firm and corporate clients with analysis of complex economic issues in connection with legal and regulatory proceedings, strategic-planning decisions, and other business activities.
Consensus Economics
This international economic survey firm offers monthly polls of economists for sale. Some sample reports available.
CRA International
Performs economic and business consulting, applying advanced analytic techniques and industry knowledge for a broad range of clients internationally. Overview descriptions of the firm's computable general equilibrium model are available.
CSIL Centre for Industrial Studies
Economic research institute specialising in market research and forecasting on the furniture sector and other sectors involving SME. Publisher of the annual "Forecast report on the furniture sector", CSIL maintains an original econometric model. University professors are among its researchers.
Cummings Economics
Based in Cairns, Northern Queensland, Australia, provides economic statistical and demographic research, market research, and economic and social impact assessments.
Database Central Europe
Research and forecasting labour costs and earnings in Central and Eastern Europe.
DotEcon Ltd.
Offers economic analysis for the telecommunications sector. Describes expertise, publications and history of company in London, UK.
Duff & Phelps
Specializes in transfer pricing and tax valuation services. Includes newsletters and studies.
Offers a range of forecasts for economic and business activities, based in the US but offering global forecast coverage
Provides economic analysis, forecasting, computer models and consultation to assist in decision making and business strategy, focusing on the South African economy.
Economic Cycle Research Institute
ECRI offers cyclical forecasting solutions for decision-makers. Research focuses on key cyclical indicators, including over 100 proprietary indexes.
Economics International Corp.
Provides objective analysis of complex economic and financial issues. Also provides expert opinion and testimony in federal and state courts and regulatory hearings.
Economists Incorporated
Offers economic consultancy services in law and economics, public policy, and business strategy, based in Washington DC and San Francisco, CA.
Encina Advisors
Consulting firm based in Sacramento, California, specializing in strategy and operations, economic and fiscal analysis, and policy development.
Enrich Consulting
consultants, based in California, providing decision support for business, finance and new product development; focussing on biotech and hi-tech sectors.
Europe Economics
London based consultancy with expertise in economic regulation, competition policy and other micro-economics issues.
This macroeconomic model allows users to forecast, do policy analysis, and examine historical episodes. The site is a resource for business forecasters, government policy analysts, macroeconomic researchers, teachers, and students.
Provider of economic analysis and forecasts for over 75 countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Forecast Center and Interactive Community present trends and prospects beyond a year from many sources on a wide range of subjects, and provide commentary and analysis.
Forecasting Principles
The site develops a set of principles to guide forecasting for problems in management, operations research, and the social sciences.
Frontier Economics
Tailor-made strategic advice using insights from microeconomic theory and quantitative techniques. Offices in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Spain and the UK.
Future Tool Kit
Provides forecasts, advice about forecasting, forecasting software and ideas about the future.
Global Economics Ltd.
Economic consulting firm specializing in public finance, tax policy, labour markets, international trade, and economic development. Includes economic commentaries, research and analysis.
Global Information, Inc.
Provides market research reports, individual surveys and customised research.
H. Calero Consulting Group, Inc.
Puerto Rico based consulting firm specializing in economic analysis, market studies, feasibility reports, litigation support, forecasting for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
Haver Analytics
Specializes in economic and financial databases and software products for economic analysis and business decision-making.
Hytsa Estudios y Proyectos
HYTSA, experts in privatizations, institutional strengthening, engineering, (water, wastewater, sewage, roads, and ports), environmental, economical and social studies.
ICEA - International Consulting Economists Association
Based in London, ICEA is a non political and non-profit network of independent economists who network and discuss a range of economic issues of mutual benefit.
IHS Markit
Includes economic forecasts for many countries, and industry analysis. Provides advisory services.
IPA Advisory
UK consultancy specialising in energy, water and infrastructure. Staff information, case studies, details of services offered.
Jacobs, Cordova and Associates
Consultancy specialising in regulatory reform, particularly in infrastructure sectors.
London Economics
London-based consultancy. Corporate information, publications, recruitment advertising.
Marsden Jacob Associates
An economic and financial consultancy, with expertise in business and policy analysis, econometrics, emissions certification, regulatory economics and property rights.
Economic consulting firm offering services in microeconomics applied to law. Provides competition and litigation advice to clients and their lawyers by assisting them before and throughout the judicial proceedings.
NERA Economic Consulting
International economic consultancy offering a wide range of microeconomic services specialising in economic regulation, competition policy, and utility sector reform.
Open Options
Applies game theory to the management of strategic issues.
An independent consultancy, based in Oxford UK, providing economic insight across several major sectors to governments, regulators and large industrial companies.
Oxford Economic
Offering macroeconomic and industrial forecasting, econometric model-building and scenario analysis.
PACEC - Public and Corporate Economic Consultants
This firm, based in London and Cambridge, UK specialises in economic development and urban and regional regeneration consultancy. Published resources or studies are available or linked from this site.
Business plan writers.
Plum Consulting
Strategy, policy and regulatory advice for radio spectrum, the telecoms, media, and online sectors.
Precision Economics
An economic consulting firm serving as expert witnesses in litigation and regulatory matters.
RBB Economics
providing professional economic advice on the application of European Community and national competition law, including Phase II European merger cases and Article 81 and Article 82 investigations.
Reckon LLP
London based consultancy firm specialising in regulation and competition economics; web site contains occasional discussion papers.
Roubini Global Economics
Independent, global macro-strategy and political risk research. Most content only available to subscribers.
UCLA Anderson Forecast
Offers quarterly forecasts of the economy in both U.S. and California, and review articles on economic topics.
Software for building simulation models in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Consulting is available and custom-built models can also be constructed.
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