Books and journals dedicated to the academic study of financial economics.

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Applied Financial Economics
A journal providing an international forum for applied research on financial markets, including the bond and equity markets, derivative securities markets, the foreign exchange market, corporate finance, market microstructure and cognate areas.
European Journal of Finance
Includes a full range of theoretical and empirical topics in finance. The emphasis is on issues and research reflecting European interests and concerns.
Finance and Development
Promotes international monetary cooperation, exchange stability, and orderly exchange arrangements.
Finance India
The official publication of Indian Institute of Finance provides tables of contents.
Financial Counseling and Planning
Contents of previous issues, index of keywords with links to abstract, and guidelines for submission of manuscripts.
Financial History Review
Designed as an international forum for people with an interest in the development of banking, finance, and monetary matters.
Financial Markets and Portfolio Management
International peer-reviewed journal publishing research on finance, focussing on financial markets and portfolio management.
Provides forum for academics and practitioners in the area of public finance.
International Journal of Finance & Economics
Provides a searchable archive of abstracts and tables of contents and a sample copy.
International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance
Brings together international experts involved in the theoretical modeling of financial instruments as well as the application of these models to global financial markets. Tables of contents and abstract archive.
International Tax and Public Finance
Table of content, previous issues, and subscription information.
Journal of Economics and Finance
Theoretical, empirical, and methodological contributions in both economics and finance. Tables of Contents and abstracts.
Journal of Financial Economics
Provides an outlet for scholarly studies of actual cases, events or practice. Offers tables of contents, abstracts and index.
Journal of Financial Intermediation
Refereed papers on the design of financial contracts and institutions, spurred primarily by the development of information economics and option pricing.
North-American Journal of Economics and Finance
General interest journal publishes pure theory and applied economics and finance. Tables of contents and abstract archive.
Reviews of Financial Studies
Financial economics journal offers recent full-text articles.

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