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Environmental economics is the study of the economic effects of national or local environmental policies. Particular issues include the costs and benefits of alternative environmental policies to deal with air pollution, water quality, toxic substances, solid waste and global warming.

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EDIRC (Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers)
A searchable index of international economics institutions with environmental programs, including Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers.
The Aspen Institute
An international organization working on environmental and economic concerns.
Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
AERE is an international scientific association in the field of environmental and resource economics
Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics
ANZSEE is an organization that encourages research on the integration of economics, ecology and related disciplines.
Australian National University Economics and Environment Network
EEN promotes collaboration, integration, innovation, learning and research in environmental, ecological and resource economics in the Australian National University. Provides information about seminars, papers, courses, researchers and additional links.
Climate Change Economics
Aims to provide a knowledgebase where academics, researchers, paleoclimatologists, climatologists and economists can load papers, make comments, share facts and solutions.
Durable Economics
Essay about how we can use durability as a means of conservation with related links.
Economics and Environmental Science
This is an educational site describing the field of environmental economics and the Ph.D. level training program in environmental economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Links to additional resources are included.
Economics of Sustainability
Ecological economics and industrial ecology are interdisciplinary and tend to be called the "science of sustainability". This site explores their linkages, presenting selected chapters from the book by Jakub Kronenberg.
Energy Research at DOE: Was it Worth It? (NAS Study)
In this study, energy efficiency investments produced almost three times the net economic benefit of those made in fossil fuel technology. Available as book.
Environmental Economics
Economists on environmental and natural resources: news, opinion, and analysis. Includes weblog/forum postings.
Environmental Economics
Article from Wikipedia on the study of the economic effects of environmental policies.
Environmental Economics Program at Harvard University
A University-wide program engaged in research, teaching, and outreach efforts in environmental and natural resource economics.
Environmental Valuation & Cost-Benefit Website
Assists in quantification of costs and benefits of environmental amenities and disamenities, offering surveys, links, glossaries, and news.
European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
EAERE is an international scientific association in the field of environmental and natural resource economics.
European Society for Ecological Economics
Aims to foster transdisciplinary discourse and research among the social and natural sciences regarding problems of nature and the environment.
Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
FEEM is a nonprofit, research institution devoted to the study of sustainable development and global governance. It provides analysis on a wide range of environmental, energy and global economic issues.
Global Network of Environmental Economists
Dissertations and other online publications, forthcoming conferences, online discussion forums, research funding available, and other resources in the field of environmental economics.
Globalisation and the Environment
Blog with news, research and discussion on economic issues related to the impact of globalisation on the environment.
Green Economics
Based on the book entitled Designing the Green Economy: The Postindustrial Alternative to Corporate Globalization by Brian Milani. Includes book outline, essays, reviews and links.
Headwaters Economics
A high-tech nonprofit that offers a unique blend of economic research skills and on-the-ground experience based on over 15 years of work across the western US and Canada.
Institute of Ecolonomics
Founded by Dennis Weaver, IOE is dedicated to sustainable living through educational programs, affordable housing, and environmental businesses.
Interdisciplinary Environmental Assoc.
Brings together all disciplines so that understanding of environmental issues is enhanced through communication. Publishes the Interdisciplinary Environmental Review.
International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
Lund University's research and education institute with focus on preventative environmental strategies and cleaner production.
International Society for Ecological Economics
The ISEE aims to facilitate understanding between economists and ecologists and the integration of the two disciplines.
Land Tenure Center
Interdisciplinary research and training programs focused on legal, political, social, and economic institutions that affect equitable access to and sustainable use of land and other natural resources. At the University of Wisconsin.
Madras School of Economics
Post-graduate teaching center in Chennai, India. Includes details of current research into pollution control, toxic chemicals, and offshore ecology.
Main Street Economics
Economic consultants for resource and environmental issues. Pages on past performance, services offered, markets targeted, and employment opportunities. Targets the emerging market (private and government) for environmental economics applications.
Oikos - Ecology Economics
Blog by David Jeffery discusses Australian and global environmental and economic issues in a way that’s accessible to people who are not economists nor ecologists.
Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREM)
The Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management (PREM) program aims to deepen and broaden the exposure of economic researchers and policy advisors in developing countries to the theory and methods of natural resource management and environmental economics.
Resource Decisions Consulting
Practice focused on energy and environmental economics. Policy studies and impact analyses of natural resource development plans for public and private clients including utilities, water districts, and governmental agencies.
Resource Dimensions
Consultant firm specializing in complex environmental, land use, conservation, community development, energy and transportation issues, based in Gig Harbor, WA.
Resources for the Future
A nonprofit and nonpartisan think tank located in Washington, DC that conducts independent research - rooted primarily in economics and other social sciences - on environmental and natural resource issues.
Rocky Mountain Institute
Based on work by Amory and Hunter Lovins, this organization has a nonadversarial, transideological approach to helping businesses, communities, governments and individuals create more wealth in a life-sustaining manner, primarily by gains in efficiency.
South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics
SANDEE is a regional network that seeks to bring together people in South Asia interested in the inter-connections between development, poverty and the environment.
Tempus-Project Caucasus
Introduction of Environmental Economics Studies in South Caucasus Region.
Tradable Permits Bibliography
General background and applications of tradable permits to air, fishing and other areas. Compiled by Tom Tietenberg.
The UK Network of Environmental Economists
UKNEE aims to bring together environmental economists from academia, consultancy and the public and private sectors to foster closer relationships, follow recent developments and share experiences.

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