Sites with an educational focus, i.e. which aim to introduce and explain to students or amateurs economic principles and theories. These blogs should focus on broad, common-interest economics topics as opposed to those of a technical nature of interest specifically to economists.

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Resources for economics educators. Includes online lesson plans and articles appropriate for high-school level courses.
Economic Education Web from University of Nebraska Omaha
Contains lesson plans with activities for K-12 economics teachers. Also links of general interest for K-12 and university economics educators.
One student's notes and essays covering economics topics from secondary school through the undergraduate level.
Foundation for Teaching Economics
Offers free workshops for high school educators and students. Workshop dates, locations, and registration information, as well as resources, activities, and lesson plans for teaching economics.
Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education
Promotes the integration of free enterprise and economic education into the K-12 curriculum. Located at the University of South Florida.
IMF Center - EconEd Online
Teacher guides, lesson plans, online exhibitions, facts and student interactives for fifth grade through high school, from the International Monetary Fund's economics education center.
Introductory Economics
Econ100 is an international web site for students of economics that supports several principles of economics texts by Michael Parkin
Principles of Microfinance
Collection of brief essays on the microfinance industry.
Stossel in the Classroom
Dedicated to John Stossel's 20/20 segments, will send a free DVD with some of Stossel's segments to educators; also has free online teacher/student study guides accompany the DVD
Stuff: economics, baseball, computers
Information for the beginning student on economics, banking, international finance, stocks, accounting, job search and scholarships.
Times 100
A student and teacher business studies resource centre including case studies, theory, teaching materials and lesson plans.

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