Economic history is the study of how economic phenomena evolved in the past. This category contains links to sites offering economic and business histories.

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1987 Stock Market Crash Page
A look back at the 1987 stock market crash. Provides a description of the event, charts, and an account of the causes they may have led to the 23% decline.
American Currency Exhibit
The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco's online exhibit of historical US currency, with contextual information on the related status of the money system, banking, and the economy.
An Analysis of the Communist Manifesto
A synopsis, analysis and a downloadable copy of the Communist Manifesto along with a short biography of Marx and Engels.
Ancient Economies
A page edited by Morris Silver devoted to the consideration of unsettled or disputed aspects of ancient economies. (Note: Tripod site with popups.)
The ancient Egyptian economy
The population, sources of wealth, taxation and the beneficiaries of the system
Annuity Museum
Online collection of historical documents and memorabilia about annuities, together with a history of annuities and their role in the development of financial markets and retirement planning.
The Avalon Project : Charter of the Dutch West India Company : 1621
Full text of the Charter of the Dutch West India Company, 1621.
Banknotes of Different Countries (In Past and Now)
Images of currency of Ukraine, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, USA, Greece, Singapore, and other countries.
Beyond Face Value - Depictions of Slavery in Confederate Currency
Online exhibit focusing on slavery depicted in money notes issued and circulated in the South during the Antebellum, Civil War, and Reconstruction Era. - Economic History Publications
A collection of business articles related to economic history.
The Bubble Bubble: Historic Stock Market Crashes & Bubbles
A website featuring accounts of infamous historic stock market crashes, economic bubbles and financial crises from tulip mania to the dot-com bubble (late 1990s).
Business History On-Line
H-Business is an on-line newsletter for the Business History Conference.
Center for International Business History, University of Reading
News about business history research and information about the center.
Civil War at 150: Debt Lessons from Lincoln
The governments of the North and the South handled war financing differently. The North had moderate debt while the South created massive debt and hyperinflation.
Crisis Watch
A site dedicated to monitoring economical, environmental and international crises. Containing large base of informational articles, find out everything about the recent and historical crises.
Current Value of Old Money
Links to inflation statistics, price indexes, and sources of data on changes in the value of money.
Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States and Canada
An online directory of archives and other repositories of historical corporate records. Includes directory of professional associations for corporate and industrial archivists.
Dutch National Accounts, 1800-1913
Analysis of the development of the Dutch economy in the period 1800-1913. Dutch GNP and its components. Historical statistics.
Economic History Association
Founded in 1940 to encourage and promote teaching, research and publication on every phase of economic history, and to encourage and assist in the preservation and administration of research materials in the field.
The Economic History Society
The society publishes a periodical and works to promote the study of economic and social history.
Episodes of Hyperinflation
Examples of hyperinflation throughout history from Diocletian through Zimbabwe.
History of Banking
Banking from Ancient Babylon in the 18th century BC to the Rothschild dynasty in the time of Napoleon.
History Of Economic Theory and Thought
Lots of economic theories from a variety of economists including Adam Smith, Alfred Marshall, David Hume and many more.
History of Economics
Resources for historians of economic thought provided by EH.Net and the History of Economics Society.
History of Economics
Provides access to resources for teaching, scholarship and research in the history of economics and economic thought.
History of Inflation and the Consumer Price Index- 1913-Present
History of the U.S. Consumer Price Index which was started in the high inflation days of WWI. It includes information about each decade since the CPI was created.
A History of Money and Banking in the United States
A 512 page document presented by the Mises Institute. In this volume, Murray Rothbard presents a comprehensive history of money and banking in the United States, from colonial times to World War II.
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
Money in its social, political, and economic context from the dawn of history to the end of the 20th century.
History of the Banking Industry
Published by the FDIC, with statistical information starting in 1934, a list of failed banks, and history of deposit insurance.
History of the Eighties - Lessons for the Future
A study prepared by the FDIC's Division of Research and Statistics presents a detailed analysis of the complex combination of causes that led to the extraordinary number of bank failures in the 1980s and early 1990s.
History of the Federal Reserve - Federal Reserve Education
History of U.S. currency and banking from 1775 - 2006 and beyond. Includes information about banking crises and attempts at forming a Central bank.
How Much is That Worth Today?
Interactive tool to compare the purchasing power of money in the United States (or colonies) from any year to any other year from the 1600s to today.
Journal of Markets & Morality
A peer reviewed journal promoting the intellectual exploration of the relationship between economics and morality from both social science and theological perspectives.
Leghorn Merchant Networks
A project researching the foreign merchant community of Leghorn, Italy in history.
Littlewoods Catalogue History
Seven decades of Littlewoods catalogues for home shopping in Britain. The social history of Littlewoods mail order business from the early 1930s up to the present day.
Merrimack Films - Features on Labor History
Merrimack Films was founded in 1983 to produce and distribute films and videos on labor relations.
Deals with money, its history and the history of banking.
Money Museum
A virtual museum about money in civilization, from antiquity to the present.
Museum of American Finance
Online exhibits and resources chronicling the role of finance and capital markets in American history.
NOVA | The History of Money
From barter, cattle, and cowrie shells to modern coins and currency, see how economic exchange has evolved through time.
SCETI: Corporate Annual Reports
This site contains facsimiles of historic corporate annual reports from the Lippincott Library collection at the University of Pennsylvania.
Sears Archives
More than 100 years of stories, product and brand histories,and photographs are now available online.
Speculation During the Civil War
Speculation, which involved driving up prices on desperately needed consumer goods, was both rampant and roundly condemned in the Confederacy during the American Civil War (1861–1865).
Tax History Project
Provides scholars, policymakers, students, the media, and citizens with information about the history of American taxation. The project pursues its mission through a program of web-based documentary publication and original historical research.
Technological Innovation in New Zealand
The site tells stories about the technologies important to the New Zealand economy in the 20th Century. Most of these technologies were identified by the end of the First World War.
Trade Products in Early Modern History
The Bell Library makes history come alive through its collection of rare books, maps and manuscripts that focus on trade and cross-cultural interaction before ca. 1800.
Treasure and Prices in Spain 1505-1650
Provide statistics to test the idea that the price level is related to the inflow of treasure into the Spanish economy.
Understanding Money
What is money? History of money from barter, coins, precious metals and banknotes to the modern electronic monetary system. Covers important concepts: inflation, gold standard, Great Depression, etc.
The US Misery Index
An economic indicator crated by economist Arthur Okun and is the unemployment rate added to the inflation rate. It is assumed that both a higher rate of unemployment and a worsening of inflation both create economic and social costs for a country.

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