List of Economics Academic Departments and Faculties. Academic Departments are those engaged in research, primarily Economics Departments of Universities but also including other institutions.
Carleton University - Department of Economics
Provides course and program details along with departmental faculty directory and research interests and special events announcements.
Concordia University - Department of Economics
Features overview of department and its objectives along with graduate and undergraduate curricula descriptions, requirements, course summaries and research.
Dalhousie University
Provides general information, lists of faculty and staff, programs of study, and information for students. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and affiliated with the Atlantic Research Data Center.
McGill University - Department of Economics
Provides list of faculty, working papers, course offerings, seminars, and job market candidates.
McMaster University
Offers news, information on faculty, and graduate and undergraduate studies; describes associated research centers and lists sponsored seminars. In Hamilton, Ontario.
Queen's University
Information for current and prospective students, including degree programs and departmental contact information. Located in Kingston, Ontario.
Simon Fraser University
Discusses degree programs, faculty, research projects, and departmental events. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Discusses students, faculty and staff. Information on courses and degree programs, research, employment, and admissions.
University of Alberta
Listing of faculty and staff, information for current and prospective students, and events.
University of British Columbia
Provides faculty directory, course schedule, and degree information.
University of Calgary
Department description, programs of study, faculty information, research papers and links to affiliated research organizations provided.
University of Guelph
Describes department and its courses, research programs, and degree requirements. Faculty and staff listing, department news, and related links are also provided.
University of Manitoba
This Winnipeg school provides information on graduate and undergraduate programs, faculty, courses, and related resources.
University of New Brunswick-Fredericton
Degree programs, faculty, and research projects are discussed.
University of New Brunswick-Saint John
Program and course descriptions, faculty information and working papers.
University of Northern British Columbia
Introduces the program and its requirements. Provides course descriptions and faculty information.
University of Regina
Presents a department overview, faculty list, degree programs, courses, and related resources.
University of Saskatchewan
Discusses faculty, staff and students as well as employment, programs, classes, publications, and seminars. Associated with the SABER research organization.
University of Toronto
Departmental overview includes information on faculty and staff, working papers, seminars, graduate and undergraduate programs, jobs and newsletter.
University of Victoria
Information on the department, ongoing research, and graduate degree program.
University of Waterloo
Description of department, faculty list and research projects overview. Discusses academic plans including graduate, undergraduate, coop, distance and online learning.
University of Western Ontario
Provides faculty profiles, information on graduate and undergraduate studies. Describes available positions and fellowships.
University of Winnipeg
Information on undergraduate, honors, and graduate degree programs, as well as course listings. Provides information about available awards and scholarships.
Université de Montréal
Discusses degree programs, courses, faculty, publications, seminars, and facilities.
Université Laval
Information about the department, faculty, as well as academic, and research programs of this Quebec City, Quebec University.
Vancouver Island University
Nanaimo, B.C. school provides degree plans, course descriptions, a faculty list, and related information.
Wilfrid Laurier University
Develops leaders with skills in management and economics for a rapidly changing and complex global environment. It seeks to advance knowledge and practices in these fields by supporting both theoretical and applied research.

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